Welcome to the NFL Tim Tebow

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When Tim Tebow arrived on planet Earth, he came with instructions that he wasn’t to interfere with mankind. Well, Tebow couldn’t keep his powers to himself and he soon assimilated into the human race and became as human as possible to fit in and play sports, his sport of choice, football… or at least that’s how the legend of Tebow was told.

Tebow, who happens to be one of my favorite college football players of all time, is now hoping to make an impact in the NFL for the Denver Broncos. But in his last pre -season game, he took an impact that he’s never felt before. Tebow injured his ribs while making a scramble for a touchdown that we’ve seen him do so many times in his college days. There was just one problem, it wasn’t for the Gators and it wasn’t college football. Tebow ended up taking a thunderous hit like the kind only and NFL athlete with NFL speed and power can deliver. While super Tebow still got the touchdown, he paid dearly for it, with injured ribs that will likely cause him to miss the next game.

It’s a lesson that you hope a smart guy like Tebow learns only once. The NFL isn’t college where he can just put his head down and start trucking cats, those boys in the NFL, they don’t play, if Tebow thinks he can run around and take hits like that like he did in college, we could be watching the beginning of a very short career.

Tebow may also have to get used to playing a backup role, where he’s not the MAN in his first season in the NFL. Contrary to what many NFL analysts predicted, the Broncos have just signed Kyle Orton a one year extension worth almost $9 million, so with that price tag, you can expect him to be the starter for most of the season. Yet another lesson Tebow just learned, the experts and NFL pundits aren’t always right!

Here’s the thing, how long do the Broncos stay with Orton if things get a little dicey for him during the season? Do they ride or die with him in light of this extension or could Tebow still have a shot at taking the reigns if all goes to shit for Orton and the Broncos? Get your props up!


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