Self-regulated BCLC regulators say wonky PlayNow all better now

BCLC-PlayNow-BetterMore than a month after its spectacular flameout just after liftoff, British Columbia’s online gaming site PlayNow is back in business. (Just how long it will stay that way would make a pretty good prop bet for some cheeky competitor.) Anyway, we know that the problems that caused players’ financial data to be so wrecklessly exposed have all been fixed, because the self-regulated provincial gaming entity has been given the thumbs-up by yet another arm of the provincial government, which is a bit like acting Cuban leader Raul Castro reporting that his ailing brother Fidel has been completing an IronMan triathlon every morning, but never mind. We’re sure the responsible government agencies have given the site a thorough run-through using their copy of Netscape 6.0, so PlayNow… for now. Read more.