Ontario politicians approved online gambling because “people want this”

TAGs: Dwight Duncan, OLG, Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Ontario-Politicans-People-Want-ThisEver wonder how elected officials make decisions? If you ask Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan why the province decided to enter the online gambling arena, it’s because he saw five poker shows on TV one weekend, which led him to the conclusion that “people want this.” One can only imagine what sort of legislation would be in the works if Duncan had changed the channel and caught a re-broadcast of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

Whatever the people of Ontario might want, what they certainly don’t need is misinformation, like the ‘online gambling is more problematic for problem gamblers’ meme propagated in this Toronto Star article. This theory has been thoroughly discredited by a Harvard study, which the Star’s writers should really have taken the time to read before posting this piece. And people wonder why print media is dying… Read more.


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