Tokwiro exec sheds light on cheating scandal

Tokwiro-UB-Cheating-ScandalPaul Leggett, chief operating officer of Tokwiro Enterprises (the parent company of, has addressed some of the lingering questions surrounding one of the cheating scandals that rocked the online poker industry a few years back (and in some cases, remain a concern to this day). In a blog post, Leggett claims that (a) Tokwiro inherited the cheating scheme already underway on when Tokwiro acquired Excapsa Software’s operating assets in 2006; (b) Russ Hamilton may have had accomplices, but Tokwiro has no definitive proof of any other specific individual’s involvement, and (c) Tokwiro received $15M in a settlement from Excapsa, but that the full amount of restitution made to players was closer to $23M, causing Tokwiro to cough up the remaining $8M itself. Read the full post here.