Is Shaq joining the rest of the senior citizens in Boston?

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The rumors have been flying that Shaquille O’Neal is close to signing with the Boston Celtics. Read more.

Previously, the word was the Celtics and pretty much everyone else didn’t want the aging Shaq, it had also been rumored that Shaq was entertaining ideas of playing overseas, but of course no one believed that one. But if indeed the Boston Celtics have acquired Shaq, they might have to change their name to the Boston geriatrics.

With Shaq in the lineup, the Boston Celtics are beyond old. They will be veteran, but very, very old and to some degree, rickety. Clearly there are teams that believe Shaq is done, no doubt that’s why he’s on the market to begin with, but let’s be clear, O’Neal was probably the second best player on the floor for the Cavaliers in the playoffs last year. While the King was doing his thing, Shaq was quietly showing that he can still score and dominate rebounds in the paint.

If the Celtics have picked up Shaq, they now officially have the most solid front court in the East. Albeit, they also have the oldest one, and Father Time is ruthless against aging low post players. Shaq does sure up some holes though, with Rasheed retiring and question marks surrounding Kendrick Perkins and his injured knee, the Celtics now have a proven veteran to sure up the frontcourt, that is, if Shaq is in shape in time for training camp. You have to feel for a guy like Rondo, he seems a little introverted or nerdy, whatever you want to call it, you can’t really picture him being taken seriously in that locker-room. So much for Rondo being the floor general, he might make a better floor deputy. There’s no way he’s getting any respect in that locker-room!

I have to hand it to Boston though, if they do have Shaq, they’ve successfully put themselves back into the conversation again, now, if only they can stay healthy for an entire season they’ll…wait a minute, let’s be real, all the Celtics really want to do is play well enough to get a decent seed in the playoffs so that they don’t have to play Orlando or Miami first, that’s it. If they can do that, they know with the veteran leadership of Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and now Shaq, they’ll be in the hunt for another championship.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to see Shaq in a Celtic uniform playing against the Lakers!


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