Another day, another round of Asian gambling arrests

TAGs: interpol, Japan

Asian-Gambling-ArrestsProgram! Program! Can’t tell one Asian gambling bust from another without a program! Seriously, guys, are there no more pressing concerns on Asian cops’ ‘to-do’ lists than arresting bettors? Shouldn’t you be more concerned with getting all the melamine out of pet food or something? Interpol is only the latest to have joined the party with its latest round of World Cup betting arrests. At least the cops in Japan are trying to break some new ground by making their first-ever mobile-phone betting arrests of some guys who were running a (we kid you not) ‘rock-paper-scissors’ game. If Japanese prisons are anything like their Western counterparts, these bookies are now engaged in a very spirited game of ‘bread-water-anal sex’. Read more.


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