B.C.’s online gambling site crashes on first day of operation

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BC-PlayNow-Site-CrashesYou want the traffic? You can’t handle the traffic! Or so Jack Nicholson might say upon hearing the news that British Columbia’s much-ballyhooed legal online gambling site crashed on its very first day of operation. (PlayNow? More like PlaySomeOtherTime.) Depending on your point of view, this is either (a) evidence of the pent-up demand for online gambling in B.C., or (b) proof that governments are really shite at free enterprise. On that last note, Calvin Ayre would like B.C.’s gaming officials to know that as a former long-term resident of Vancouver, he feels its his civic duty to offer to send his trusty tech guys over to help check under PlayNow’s hood (even if it is using European technology instead of a homegrown BC firm like it should have used). Read more.


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