Wade’s Miami Heat Now A Triple Threat

This is MY house!

There isn’t a hotter place to be right now and probably for a very long time, other than South Beach after Lebron James announced his signing with the Heat. With that said, it’s still Wade’s House no matter how much powder the King throws into the air.

It’s not yet an exact science on how this situation is going to work out, but make no mistake about the egos, it’s still Wade’s team. Many believe it’s destined for failure, but they’re mostly Lakers fans. It’s those haters who are asking how could three superstars play together? The question sounds silly when you articulate it, the answer is simple, easily. There’s one player that isn’t getting enough ink in all of this, and that’s Dwyane Wade. The fact is Wade is already a champion, he already has a ring, and he’s been a winner at every level he’s ever played at. In college Wade took Marquette to the Final Four by himself, literally. I couldn’t name another player on that team without a Google search of the roster, and doubt anyone can. In Wade’s first few years as a rookie he showed promise early and as soon as he got Shaq he got himself a ring within two years of Shaq’s arrival. What many people forget is that the Heat could have easily went back-to-back if it wasn’t for the fact that Wade was injured during the first playoff run. People also forget his NBA Finals performance which is considered one the greatest ever. Read more.

For the naysayers who think this Miami trio won’t work, you have to consider that the Heat have been making the playoffs with nothing, except Wade. Now Wade has help, BIG help in James and Bosh. Bosh is the perfect third option, his ego isn’t as big as an Amare and people always seem to forget how unselfish Lebron James is, on the court.

When you watch James play you get the sense that he would almost rather drop dimes than score, and it’s true. James is a playmaker, like Magic Johnson, he’s not like Jordan as many would like classify him, he’s a different type of player, and he needs good teammates surrounding him. If there’s one thing undisputed about James, it’s that he makes his teammates better players. I could see James content to score 20 points and average a triple double collecting MVP’s while Wade leads the league in scoring and makes all the big shots. James might even play the point, he’s certainly capable of it and that would allow Wade to run around free. It could get ugly, because both Wade and James are well rounded players, both are unselfish, both are friends and both want to win. You add Bosh to the mix and you just might have the makings of a dynasty.

Now that James and Bosh have taken their talents to Miami to Heat it up with Dwyane Wade, Miami has become a very serious triple threat on and off the court. Off the court, Miami was always a hot spot for tourist and major sporting events like the Superbowl, but now it will be on a whole different level of glitz. Already season tickets have sold out, and the Heat are guaranteed to be making playoff runs every season so that city will be partying for a very long time. The revenue Miami will see from the influx of people looking to catch a glimpse of the greatest show on the court will do wonders for businesses and the ladies, oh the ladies, where there’s stars, there’s beautiful women, it’s almost hard to imagine Miami having more pretty women, but it’s likely to happen. You almost feel bad for the Dolphins who are now an after thought as far as sports go in South Beach.

If you’re planning on making future bets on the Miami Heat to win it all, congratulations, join the club, you’re not the only one. Read more.