Canadian Football League vastly superior to NFL

There’s a scene in the American football movie North Dallas Forty in which wide receiver Nick Nolte is asked the question feared by all marginal NFL players at contract renewal time: “Do you speak Canadian?” Yes, the Canadian Football League is considered by many to be the NFL’s ugly stepsister, but there is one area in which the CFL is vastly superior to their American counterpart – the CFL doesn’t act like scared rabbits at the mere suggestion of allowing online gambling companies (Bet365, to be specific) to act as official team sponsors. In this scenario, they’re not unlike the (other kind of) football clubs in Europe, who also have no issue with a gambling company logo appearing on a team jersey, game program or newspaper ad. Guess there were all sorts of literal truths to the old CFL marketing slogan, “Our balls are bigger.” For a preview of the just-begun 2010 CFL season, click here.