NBA Free Agent Fiasco

We three Kings...

Summits and secret meetings, at this point it’s getting ridiculous in trying to keep up with the NBA free agent bonanza. The current big name free agent list includes: Chris Bosh, Shaq, Lebron James, D-Wade, Joe Johnson, Amar’e Stoudemire and as of today, you can add Dirk Nowitzki to that list after he just opted out of his contract with Mavericks.

It’s pretty much for certain that Chris Bosh won’t be returning to the Toronto Raptors, he wants to win, and Toronto isn’t exactly the place for that. It’s Bosh, James and Wade who have been meeting together and trying to decide where each other will go and ultimately the direction the NBA will go in the near future. While Lebron hasn’t said he won’t be returning to Cleveland, it doesn’t seem to be a front runner on his list. Earlier reports indicated that both Bosh and Lebron were headed to Chicago to join Rose and Noah and it all made sense, given the cap space Chicago had cleared to sign to max contracts. But the tide has shifted yet again, and now reports indicate that a possibility exists that James and Bosh may be considering a move to Miami to Heat it up with Wade. Read more.

Here’s the thing, all three players claim that all they want to do is win. Right, we get that, but at what cost? I guess the real question that should be asked is whether a guy like the powder throwing global icon Lebron James can play second or at times even third fiddle to anyone. Just having Wade and James on the same team could be challenging alone. Elgin Baylor and Jerry West played together and failed to win a championship and we’ve seen recent superstar duos crumble, as in Shaq and Kobe, but can three together be different? It worked for the Boston Celtics, but while the idea of three superstars looks good on paper, it will ultimately come down to the personalities of the players involved.

Chris Bosh would make an excellent second or third option, but does he think so? Both Wade and James can carry a team, but who takes the last the shot? These aren’t trivial questions any team thinking that signing a bunch of stars is going to equal rings must take these factors into consideration. Perhaps the biggest question that is rarely asked is what kind of coach can handle coaching these big names? You would think if Bosh and James join Wade in Miami then certainly Pat Riley will return to coaching ranks, and wouldn’t that be a sight to see.

To add to the speculation, big names like Nowitzki, Stoudemire and Joe Johnson have slipped to the background, but these are players that turn a good team into a championship contender. It all hits the fan on Thursday when the NBA free agency fiasco officially tips off. Check back to regularly for more Sports News!