‘Bad boy of sumo’ picks Argentina to win World Cup

TAGs: 2010 world cup, argentina, sumo wrestler

Asashoryu, the Mongolian national known as the ‘bad boy of sumo’, is backing Argentina to win it all in the 2010 World Cup. Curious timing, considering the baseball-gambling ‘scandal’ currently gripping the sumo world. (If you haven’t been following the ongoing brouhaha, here’s a good primer.) Someone else backing Argentina to win it all is Calvin Ayre, who also happens to know a great deal about Mongol history. One imagines that these two Argie-backers would get along famously if they were to meet up for an evening of sushi, Sapporo and sake. Good Lord, Tokyo would think Godzilla and Rodan were laying waste to the city all over again. Read more.


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