Celtics vs Lakers, a game 7 for the ages

What happens when an immovable force meets an immovable object? Something has to give. The Celtics have never lost to the Lakers in a game 7. Phil Jackson’s Lakers are 47-0 after winning the first game a series. One of these streaks will end tonight. History and two franchise’s legacies are on the line tonight.

Gamblers and NBA fans couldn’t have asked for anything more than this. Game7, Celtics and Lakers, we’re about to witness a classic and historical game. It’s a game that someday, we will tell our grandchildren about, a game that will go down in the archives of NBA lore and it’s a game that has made David’s Stern’s NBA playoffs a success.

End Of An Era
This game is going to be an all out war. Both teams are fighting for the right to be called champions and for many players and coaches on both teams, this could be the end of an era. Read more.

Celtic Pride
Kendrick Perkins blew out his knee, so the Celtics will be without their starting center for the game. It’s a taste of what the Lakers have been experiencing with Bynum being injured for the entire series. But at least he can still play… Rasheed Wallace will likely be called upon to turn back the hands of time and morph into the Rasheed “I guarantee victory” Wallace of his D-Town glory days. He might have it in him, he’s showed signs of a little more bounce in his step but foul trouble and sporadic minutes have kept him from being a focal point of the offense. This is his time. The rest of the Celtics are going to have to take their games to another level as well, particularly Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett needs to have his best game of the series defensively and offensively and Paul Pierce will have to find a way to force a double teams to get the Lakers out of their excellent defensive rhythm. The Lakers were able to hold the Celtics to 67 points in Game 6, that can’t happen again if the Celtics hope to be wearing rings.

Silencing The Critics
For the Lakers, it’s all about Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, because you have to expect Kobe Bryant to play like a man possessed. Bryant is so close to undisputed greatness he can taste it, he’ll scratch tooth and nail for a win at any cost, there’s no question about that. But is the moment too big for some of the Lakers? Can the Lakers bench truly handle the magnitude of the game with every shot, every pass and every possession under pressure? It’s not the typical environment in a building either in Game 7’s, the crowd isn’t as loose, they’re nervous, they’re not pros. That nervous energy can rattle role players in Game 7’s or it can make them heroes. Is Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar ready to be Lakers heroes? I’m trying to picture them alongside Byron Scott and Robert Horry, legendary role players and they’re not there yet. But then again, they have to start somewhere, and that goes for Lamar Odom as well. A big game from Lamar Odom will silence his critics as well. Without Perkins to defend him, Pau Gasol could rid himself of the soft title, at least until next year… This game means everything to the Lakers.

A Gutsy Call
Who’s going to win? Who is going to go down in history? Who will be remembered for a heroic performance? If I had to take a pick, not that you could legitimately call something like this, but a stab in the dark…My gut says Kobe Bryant won’t allow the Lakers to lose based on pure will alone, but my heart says the Celtics will find a way. I’m a man, I’m going with my gut, I think when it’s all said and done, and the smoke clears, Kobe Bryant is going have himself a pinky ring.