Man Dies While Chasing Casino Voucher Thief

Here’s an interesting story, a 91 year old man has his $200 casino slot voucher stolen from him while playing, he decides to chase the robber outside of the casino. Shortly after the chase begins, it comes to an abrupt end, as the 91 year old man collapses and dies. Perhaps the saddest part about his story, us that it actually happened, and someone actually stole a voucher from a 91 year old man at Greektown Casino in downtown Detroit. I know things are hard in Detroit, but come on, what’s next, shake downs for the early bird special vouchers? At the same time, is it fair that the thief be charged for first degree murder? I’m just saying, a 91 year old man, did he really have to chase the thief? Did he really have a chance of catching him? I’m sure the casino would have replaced the voucher, I mean clearly that’s why the thief selected him as a target, hate to play devil’s advocate, but I’m just saying, not sure why the old dude turned into Charles Bronson. Read more.