Smack: Lamar Odom Lucky To Be Good Or Too Good To Be Lucky?

lucky shot right?

Ever hear the saying, “you’re lucky to be good but you have to be good to be lucky?”

From an intelligent standpoint, it’s probably not the best strategy to talk smack about a player and a team that just opened up a serious can of bootfuck on your squad. Someone should tell that to Amare Stoudemire who called Lamar Odom’s monster double- double and dominant first half performance in game 1…lucky? C’mon Amare, he’s done that before, Mr. Kardashian also has two rings studded with diamonds and one of them says World Champs.

What Amare should have been talking about is where the Suns’ defense has gone because they haven’t been able to get a defensive stop in this series to save their lives. The Lakers are looking and playing like the Lake Show. You half expect to see Magic swagger down and drop it to Kareem for the, yup, you guessed it, the skyhook baby. The stars are in the crowd, the lights are on and it’s Kobe Bryant’s show. It’s Kobe Bryant’s march to greatness and the Lakers’ defense of their title. If Amare thinks that when Lamar Odom goes for broke on their asses in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, is luck; I wonder what he thinks about Lamar’s performance in game 2, as his Suns just got manhandled to go down 0-2 in the series.

In Game 2, the Lakers took the Phoenix Suns by the neck and dragged them kicking and screaming back to the Woodshed. When it was all over, Lamar Odom had gone for a consecutive lucky double-double with 17 points and a fortuitous 11 boards, Kobe had set a career high in assists in a playoff game at a lucky 13 and Pau Gasol had pumped in a lucky 29 points in a game that by luck, wasn’t really close.

Size really does matter. It’s the mark of a champion and it’s the Lakers’ size that has been causing Phoenix so much problems. Steve Nash has been bottled up, Amare is frustrated and Channing Frye has crumbled under the pressure. The mayday signs are no doubt flashing for the Suns, they have serious problems with very little answers. Their strategy on Ron Artest has blown up in their face as he’s wetter than a nympho sitting on a vibrator from behind the arc. They can’t stop Kobe, can’t stop Pau, can’t stop Odom, can’t stop anyone and the Lakers are starting to clown. Anytime you see another team turn into NBA’s showtime version of the Globetrotters you’re in big trouble. In Game 1 Shannon Brown tried to enshrine Jason Richardson in the highlight reel archives for nuts- in- your- face monstrous dunk ons. You know it’s big when they show the highlight of a missed dunk.

I love the way the NBA as golden rule, will never call a charge as long as a player attempts to crown another in a disgusting and degrading manner. I’m sure the rule has a clause adding that so long as the rim is reached, no player shall be penalized for trying to dunk on another in the interest of showtime. After all, it is where amazing happens.

The Suns should be worried. No one has ever beat Phil Jackson after he takes Game 1, they probably don’t even stat it after he wins game 2 because no one has a chance in hell once he goes up 2 games on you. But a ballsy bet would be taking the Suns to win both at home. I don’t know if I have the rocks to take that after what I have seen go down in La La land, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened. I expect that after the ass kicking in LA that the Phoenix Suns will be a completely different team back in the desert. They have more pride than that, they have character guys like Grant Hill and Steve Nash who are warriors. They’ll make sure Phoenix get’s their shit together. It might be too late though, too many Lakers have it going and with Boston taking two from Orlando in the East, it might be a battle to see who can get the most rest. If Boston is going to sweep, the Lakers will probably do everything in their power to sweep as well so their just as rested for the finals. The odds say it’s headed for a Lakers Celtics Final, I say bring it on, maybe we’ll finally get a competitive seven game series in these 2010 NBA Playoffs. The Atlanta Jocks and Milwaukee Sucks series doesn’t count. In fact, that’s minus one.