LA Lakers And Phoenix Suns Game 1 Odds

Finally, tonight the Lakers and Suns will go toe to toe. It seems like its been forever since they last played, I wonder if the players enjoyed their week long vacation while the rest of us betting junkies sat here with our thumbs up our aces. I saw an interview with Kobe Bryant, he’s taking this series very personal, apparently he hasn’t forgotten his past defeats at the hands of the Suns, back when the Lakers were a gong show as opposed to being the Lake show. This series better be good, it’s not like they’ll be tired, seeing how they will only play 4 games in 15 frickin days! As expected, LA is the favorite to win Game 1. It will be interesting to see how Phoenix handles the Laker’s size inside. Phoenix will look to counter with what should be their advantage in this series, that being, their bench. Could experience be a factor with Phoenix? What do the oddsmakers say? Read more.