How to get social at the iGaming #Supershow

iGaming SupershowI don’t know about you but I’m stoked for the upcoming iGaming Supershow in Prague. This will be my first gaming industry conference, and who better to represent than! I’m truly honored to be part of this great conference and of course I hope that I make it over to Prague safely with the Iceland Ash Cloud looming over everything. By the way you can get updates on the Iceland Ash Cloud on Twitter by following @TheAshCloud.

I will be using the complimentary shuttle bus between the official hotel and venue, except for during the night when I’m drinking, those occasions I will use my magic carpet.

The conference schedule is a packed 4 days of speakers, booths, people, drinks, and parties. Write down your attack plan so you can see everything and everyone, also here is the PDF download and FAQ page.

For those who use Twitter, the official Hashtag for the iGaming Supershow is #supershow and you should also follow @iGBAffiliate to get the most up to date news direct from the source.

For those who use Facebook (pretty much everyone on earth at this point LOL) you can join the official group that was created by the iGaming Business Affiliate Events Facebook page. There are a few other pages and groups on Facebook, but they are not the official ones so I would not recommend engaging on them. Use the official ones, they are always better, and spam free!

For those who use LinkedIn, you can join the group for news updates as well as the official group for the iGaming Supershow created by Kiera Goymour who is the Event Producer at iGaming Business.

*Attendees who are looking to network heavily can join the iGaming Supershow Speed Networking Club. I have not decided if I will be joining in on that as I have a ton of other stuff to do.

*There is going to be a domain name auction starting on May 24th ending June 1st, powered by Snap Names. Looks like a decent list of available domains.

Here is a list of Affiliates, Suppliers, Operators, Companies, etc who will be attending the iGaming Supershow, along with their related Social Media profiles. If you see anyone who is missing please comment below and let us know, so we can update the list to make it user friendly and complete.


Christopher Cemper, Founder, (Facebook)
Glen Conybeare, Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Cognitive Match (LinkedIn)
Jane Copland, SEO consultant, Ayima Search Marketing
Jason Duke, Director, Strange Logic (Twitter)
John Mauriello, Domain Sales Specialist, Moniker
Karl Novak, CEO, Entertainment Card Casino Montesino in Gasometer
Lee Allen, Senior Search Engine Optimiser, Stickyeyes (Twitter)
Neil Stephenson, Marketing Manager, (Forum)
Nicky Senyard, Founder, Income Access (Twitter)
Ralph Tegtmeier aka ‘Fantomaster’, CEO, Fantomaster (Twitter)
Rob Kerry, Head of Search, Ayima Ltd (Twitter)
Scott Polk, Founder, (LinkedIn)
Stephen Pavlovich, Director, Conversion Factory (Twitter)
Tal Riesenfeld, Co-Founder & VP Marketing, EyeView (Twitter)

Business related:

Keith McDonnell, Managing Director,
Magnus Olby, Head of Marketing,
Ed Pownell, Head of Global PR,
Rebecca Liggero, Global Brand Ambassador,
Jonas Odman, VP,
Chris Collins, CEO & Founder, Tipodean Technologies Inc (Formerly Linden Labs/ Second Life) (Twitter)
Conor O’Shaughnessy, iGaming Director, EntroPay
David Clifton, Partner, Joelson Wilson LLP
David Shapton, Director, Akur Partners
David Wang, Chief Marketing Officer, SEGA Games Ltd
Frank Tornatore, CEO, Virtualneo
Graham Wood, Director, iGaming Consultancy
Henrik Norsk Hoffmann, Danish Attorney, LETT Advokatfirma
Hilary Stewart-Jones, Partner, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP
James Kilsby, Americas Editor,
Joe Brennan Jr., Chairman, iMEGA
Joseph M. Kelly, Ph.D., J.D, Professor of Business Law, State College at Buffalo
Juan Serna, Marketing Manager, CreaGaming
Julian Artope, Head of Marketing & PR, Moneybookers
Krisztina Tihanyi, Account Manager for Hungary, Everest Affiliates
Leigh Nissim, Commercial Director, GTECH G2
Mark Irvine, COO, Betplus (LinkedIn)
Martin D Owens Jr, Attorney at Law, State of California
Martin Oelbermann, Partner, Media & Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN)
Matt Jellicoe, Director,
Melanie Brenner, Director, Poker Voters of America
Melissa Blau, CEO, Live Gaming Technology
Mickey Charles, CEO & President, The Sports Network
Murray Marshall, Legal Counsel & Advisor, Kahnawake Gaming Commission
Oliver Lofthouse, Director & General Manager, IGT-UK Gaming & WagerWorks
Peter Wilson, Memery Crystal
Quirino Mancini, Partner, Sinisi Ceschini Mancini
Robert, Compliance and Fraud Manager, Realdealpoker
Robin Le Prevost, Director of eCommerce Development, Alderney eGambling Ltd
Roger Parkes, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Betfair
Stefan Svec, Head of Poker,
Thibault Verbiest, Senior Partner ULYS Law Firm, France & Belgium
Tom Lippiett, Associate, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP
Vincenzo Dente, Senior Key Account Manager, BetClic

Exhibitors & Sponsors:
GTech G2
Income Access
Wager Works
Continent 8
Ongame Network
AliQuantum Gaming Ltd
Connective Games
Tom Horn Enterprise
Media Live Casino
iGaming Business
Net Refer
Initial Rewards
Snap Names
Every Matrix
Esanda Recruitment
Bluff Europe
Brand Conversions
Alderney Gambling
Network Media Services
The Fort Group
Wave Telecom
Neo Games
Money Bookers
Translate Media

Marketing Partners:
iGaming Business
Lyceum Media
Virtual Neo
GameOn Marketing
Poker Affiliate Programs
Biz Niz Men
Snap Names
IGA Magazine
Betting Business

Supporting Associations:

The Interactive Gaming Council
Gambling Affiliates Union
Affiliate Guard Dog
European Association for the Study of Gambling

To make it very easy for anyone (even people who do not use Twitter) to follow the Social conversation surrounding the iGaming Supershow, I have embedded a widget below which you can refer to if you want to see what people are saying in realtime during the conference and parties.

Don’t forget to enter to win tickets to the launch party by submitting your best caption to this Comic Timing cartoon.

Did I mention that we will have some truly kick-ass BEEF JERKY at the booth?!? Yes, that was my idea, what can I say I get hungry when standing around chatting with people. 🙂