One Quarter Of Polled PGA Golfers Think Woods Is On The Juice

tiger_woodsCan’t wait till the odds come out on this one…You know, it doesn’t seem fair, you nail a couple high class groupies and now your whole life and career is in question. Where does it end for Tiger Woods? Sports Illustrated and has just released the results of a poll of 71 anonymous PGA golfers, the findings indicate that 24% of the polled golfers believe Tiger Woods took performance enhancement drugs. Read more.

It’s a little puzzling why anyone would think Tiger Woods takes performance enhancement drugs. Of course, these days, the way most high profile athletes roll, it wouldn’t be surprising. But this is golf. It’s not like Tiger Woods hits the ball the furthest among all the PGA players, he’s not blowing anyone out of the water by his length at all, well, his length on drives that is, we’ve heard enough about his other club length.

Even if Tiger Woods was on performance enhancement drugs I fail to see how it would help him. He already hits the ball far enough, and I’m not sure getting on the juice will help anybody spin it back on the green. The only things that could lead to other golfers thinking Woods is cheating on the golf course is his physique and his dominance.
The guy works out a lot, that explains his build, and he wins a lot because he’s a fucking awesome golfer and has been since he was kid. Tiger only cheats off the golf course.

If anything, Tiger Woods is the only golfer who shouldn’t be on performance enhancing drugs. Some of these guys could benefit from a little pick me up. For example, John Daly, who is becoming the Kenny Powers of golf, could use a little PEd’s to get his game back on track, add Sergio Garcia and Mike Weir to that list.

There were other stupid questions on the poll, like who was most likely to have their own reality TV show. John Daly must have won that one, though Tiger did garner 30% of that vote. Why would Tiger need a reality TV show when his dirty laundry is already being aired everywhere? It kind of boggles the mind why the PGA would even allow these type of polls and then allow them to be released to the public. I guess the tour needs the attention, but it’s a little shameless to make Tiger Woods the scapegoat with all that he already has on his plate.

If anything, if that many golfers believe Woods is cheating, they should be testing everyone for performance enhancement drugs like baseball does. I wonder if congress is planning on getting involved in this one.