Odds Spurs Eliminate Mavs

san-antonio-spurs-cheerleadersWith the Spurs leading the best-of-seven series 3-2 and heading home for game 6, Spurs fans have to like their chances of their team pulling the Texas sized upset. Read more.

If everything is truly bigger in Texas, this upset would be no exception, as it would mark the biggest upset in the NBA playoffs thus far. A couple things would need to happen for the Spurs to pull this off. The first thing is the Spurs need their superstars to show up in game 6. Tim Duncan needs to be his dominant self, when Duncan is playing well, the whole Popovich system runs perfectly. Duncan is the key, he opens up the perimeter for shooters to get open looks, something the Spurs lacked in game 5 when they shot a poultry 6-24 from three point land. Manu Ginobili will have to get his broken beak back into the mix and Tony Parker will have to elevate his level of play. George Hill is starting to make Parker look expendable with his stellar play at the point. Perhaps he should be married to Eva Longoria instead of Parker.

For Dallas to win, their coach needs to stop fucking up the rotation. His mis-management of the lineups was evident when he benched Caron Butler, who when he finally got his minutes, dropped 30- something on the Spurs in the pivotal game 5. I’m also a little surprised that rookie sensation Rodrigue Beaubois hasn’t got much tick in the playoffs. Here’s a guy that can light up the scoreboard and give the Mavericks a nice change of pace at the point guard position. The Mavs must not think he’s ready, but being down 3-2 in a series, they might want consider taking some chances. The biggest question is will Disco Dirk show up tonight? As a personal rule of thumb, I never bet on Dirk when it counts, he’s let me down way too many times, I’m not sure why tonight would be any different.

If Dallas doesn’t win tonight, shit, if Dallas doesn’t come back to win this series Mark Cuban will certainly have some difficult decisions to make in the offseason. This is the best Dallas has looked in a long time and if they can’t get it down, that team needs to be blown up. What about Jason Kidd? How many years does he have left in the tank? What about Dampier? What about Jason Terry? There’s a lot of questions that will be asked if Dallas loses this series and for some reason I seriously doubt “for show” owner Mark Cuban has the answers.