NBA Prepares For Playoffs And Makeover


The regular season is just about over in the NBA, and the playoff positions are almost set, its still pretty close in both the West and Eastern conferences with a little bit of jockeying going on down the stretch. Betting on the NBA, you get to learn a lot of tendencies of certain teams, how they play on back to back nights, who they have trouble with on the road… And just when you think you have a pretty good system it all changes.

By the time the playoffs are over and the offseason is in full swing the NBA as we know it and bet on it may be a completely different animal. Teams that are just horrible right now, but have a lot of cap space, like New York, may just be getting a superstar makeover along with some other teams as the league shifts gears.

A place where they don’t have to worry about what seed they will get in the playoffs is New York, and you can throw New Jersey into the same boat.

I’m not even sure if New Jersey even had an NBA team this year, but they will likely be getting a makeover in the offseason once that Russian playboy get his hands on the team.

As for New York, well the Knicks got their swan song ovation from the faithful fans in the Garden after their last home game, which strangely and unusually ended with a win. Read more.

No doubt New Yorkers were mostly cheering for the end of a circus like era where the Knicks could be taken about as seriously as Sarah Palin running for office.
The Knicks are keeping four players, from their current lineup, which surprises no one, and have about $32 million or so in cap space to land a superstar or two. There’s a number of players who might be on the move, I have my hunches, and I’m hoping there’s future odds on them soon enough.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Chris Bosh has played his last game in a Raptors uniform. As much as he probably likes the cold and always being second tier to an even shittier NHL hockey team, I’m almost certain he’s on his way out, and it might be to the Knicks. With a zoo of a team, with likes of one of the worst first overall picks in recent times, (considering Brandon Roy was in the draft) Andrea Bargnani as his center, a rookie coach, and two back up point guards playing with an overhyped swingman who goes by the name the Turkish Jordan…Bosh doesn’t have much to stick around for. Not to mention, during the best season of his career, he gets his face bashed in as a Raptor, must be a sign Chris.

Obviously the real question is where is LeBron going to go, because that’s where mine and a whole bunch of other bettors money is going too. Wherever that guy goes, wins follow. His fate likely hinges on how these playoffs play out. Oddly enough, so does the fate of a number of other teams, yes Phoenix and hello Boston.

One way or another the NBA will definitely have completely a new look by the fall.

They sure know how to keep it exciting for the gamblers.