Weirdest Woods Prop Bets



He’s on the tip of most peoples tongues these days, a position I’m sure he’s well accustomed to… Tiger Woods the man the legend, has been the subject of probably some of the strangest prop bets bettors have ever seen. Read more.

I can’t help but feel they just aren’t weird enough. For what Tiger has done, and the steady line of mistresses now staggering their coming- out parties, scrounging for what’s left of the scandal fund; prop bets need to go to a whole new level. I mean, Tiger has clearly proven anything is possible with this man.

To me, as likely as he is to win the Masters, he’s just as likely to miss the cut. As likely as he is to be in contention on championship Sunday, he’s just as likely to get caught with his pants down with a blond busty course official, with a little freak- nick in her.

If you really want to do Tiger justice, the bets have to be next level- on some batshit crazy tip. For example,

Will Tiger have sex on the Green of 18 Hole or in the Grandstand?

You have to be careful with this because one must truly consider how well kept the greens are on these pristine, shapely and well kept, holes. With a Tiger girl, that’s just her lower half. The other thing to consider is that the Augusta course greens are also very nice and soft, like a bed of sorts. But the Grandstand may be more a man of Tiger’s stature style.

That’s just basic weird prop stuff, a prop that truly captures the essence of Woods weird may go something like,

Will Tiger Pop Wood?

Not sure I’d be the one taking odds on that. But some fairy who may know something we all don’t might. Shit, even I’ve read enough of those reports to have my doubts. But I’d probably give Woods, er Tiger the benefit of the doubt on that, still as weird as the prop may be, I gotta believe there’ someone willing to bet it’s in Tiger’s wheelhouse.

How Many Sponsors Will Jump Back On Tiger’s Jock If He Wins Masters?

When you really think about it, why not all of them? It’s the perfect redemption story, the classic comeback, plus everyone corporation likes to think themselves empathetic enough to give a man a second chance, doesn’t every man deserve one? Of course, the billions of dollars the man generates could also be some incentive to put your tail between your legs and change your stance. My money is that at least half come back, particularly the one that started drinking that Hatorade.