Oklahama problem gambling centres want bigger piece of the pie

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Never fear, the clinics are here

Never fear, the clinics are here

Tens of thousands of Oklahomans have become ‘problem or pathological gamblers’ according to Wiley Harwell, director of the Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling. Doom! There has also been a 50 per cent increase in demand for the services of gambling treatment centre, A Chance to Change, this year. Gloom! Notice how little is made in this piece, however, about the fact that the gambling industry provided $2.5m to the State economy or that the overriding number of people who gamble have fun and don’t lose their houses – or that these problem gambler clinics are quite happy for gambling to stay legal so long as they get a bigger piece of the pie. But then that wouldn’t make for a good headline would it? They are not here to make money. They are here to help. Read more.


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