Tiger Woods Needs His Own Sportsbook

tiger_woodsIf you thought that after the ultra hyped Tiger Woods press conference all the hoopla surrounding the golf star would die down, you’re probably wrong. At this point, I’m almost ready to see an entire sportsbook devoted to betting on the circus life of Tiger Woods. Don’t get me wrong, the guy himself is pretty much a regular guy other than the fact that he’s the greatest golfer of all time, but the way in which the media jumps all over his shit is epic. Additionally, people seem to care way too much about what happens day to day with Tiger Woods.

If you talk to anyone, they’ll give you an opinion on Tiger’s future on anything from whether he’ll get a divorce to which sponsor will drop or support him next. It’s definitely good for the prop betting business, which Bodog can surely attest to, as they unquestionably have the leading and most dynamic prop bet offerings in the sportsbook business.

Here’s a thought… Tiger just might need his very own sportsbook. I don’t mean Tiger should start up his own sportsbook, like he needs more scrutiny from the US media, but he could definitely fill up options to wager on. Future bets would be bananas. The hardest part of the future bets would be choosing which one to bet on. Recently, Proctor and gamble CEO said he didn’t know if Tiger Woods would ever be in a Gillette commercial again. The CEO eluded to the fact that Tiger probably wasn’t the type of publicity the company was looking for. How do you like that Gillette sized razor in your back Tiger? I thought Gillette was all about getting the best a man can get, I guess Tiger took it too far. I wonder what the odds are for Tiger being in another Gillette commercial or even a Nike commercial?

And what about his playing career? When will he play again? In the Masters? Will it be in 2010? All I’m saying is the man needs his own section. Forget about when the man will take to the lynx again, we know he will sometime, and when he does, the question will be how will he fair. Personally, I’m the guy throwing money down that he wins his first competition, call me an idealist, but I call it not forgetting how bad ass his golf game is. One sportsbook page alone could be devoted to how Tiger will fair in his first two matches.

There’s something about Tiger Woods that energizes the gambling world. To me, it’s because he’s not a chump, he’s a winner made out to be a loser. He’s a champion made out to be an underdog and everyone loves to be on the underdog. So whatever he does or doesn’t do, be sure people are watching and betting.