Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember—the only taste of success
some people get is to take a bite out of you.
—Zig Ziglar
9th January 2018  
The Story

Atlantic City’s open secret is finally confirmed: Colorado developer Bruce Deifik has agreed to buy the shuttered Revel Casino from owner Glenn Straub for $200m.


The reinvented casino is expected to open this summer.

The property will undergo renovation immediately after being dormant since September 2014, the second time that Revel declared bankruptcy. In a statement, Deifik said it's their “mission and vision to fully serve the customer base of Atlantic City” and “will make certain there is something for everyone at the Ocean.” There are also plans to launch a new “state-of-the-art sportsbook” should the U.S. Supreme Court rule favorably on the plans to allow wagering in Atlantic City casinos and racetracks.


Fili Wiese: Don't fall into the page rank trap

The executive told's Becky Liggero that affiliates should stop obsessing about page ranks and should instead focus on building links that drive convertible traffic to their websites.


‘If you are running Electrum, shut it down right this second,’ Electrum warns

Developers of Electrum wallet went into panic mode after it was discovered that having the wallet open while browsing the web allows any website to steal the user's BTC. Users were advised to upgrade their wallets to the newest version.

Myanmar ministers seek government's nod on casino operations

Five regional and state chief ministers have expressed their support to open casinos in Myanmar, saying that it would help boost the country's economic development and generate more jobs.

Vwin sponsor AC Milan; UK online betting sponsorship own goal

The Italian football club has inked its first regional sponsorship deal with Philippine-licensed online gambling operator Vwin, adding that the partnership marked an “important step in the development of our commercial strategy in this key market.”

Ontario's new online lottery product more miss than hit

Critics have claimed that Hit or Miss, a new lottery product which draws winners every five minutes, is essentially dangling gambling catnip in front of individuals who have problems controlling their gambling activity.


Keyword Stuffing — This pertains to the practice of using a keyword too often in a web page, with the intent of manipulating search engines. This practice is not encouraged and will merit either an algorithmic devaluation in search, or a manual penalty from search engines.


Michigan Lottery launches affiliate program with Income Access

Michigan Lottery is the first U.S. state-run lottery affiliate program to be powered by Income Access' tracking and analytics platform. With the partnership, Michigan Lottery will be able to attract more players as the number of registered online players in Michigan is only pegged at 8%.


Congratulations to the Asian Football Confederation and Sportradar for forming a partnership that is aimed at combatting match-fixing in Asia. Sportsradar will be monitoring betting patterns in all matches in the top two leagues and cups in the AFC Member Associations, as well as in AFC competitions.

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