Timothy Adams wins PokerStars blowout PKO high roller for $167,591


The latest PokerStars winner of their Blowout Series events is the biggest winner of 2020 at the live felt- Canadian pro Timothy Adams.

Taking down the Progressive Knockout High Roller NLHE event which cost $5,200 to enter and saw 148 entries in total, Adams would earn $167,591 for his latest phenomenal performance at a final table that featured players such as Matthias Eibinger, Patrick Leonard and Ole Schemion.


With eight players assembling at the official final table in the tournament, it was Eibinger who busted first, his move with ace-five shot down in flames when running into Ramiro Petrone’s suited ace-king that found a flush by the river.

With seven left, it was Petrone who left next, the Argentinian going down in the big blind, correctly calling off the small blind shove from Finnish player Eelis Parssinen. Petrone’s queen-ten was ahead of nine-six off-suit, but a nine on the turn did for the South American’s hopes of spinning up his 11 big blind stack before the hand.

It was Ole Schemion who busted in 6th place for a total prize of $23,426 when his ace-queen shove pre-flop was dominated and delivered by Timothy Adams’ ace-king, giving the Canadian the lead from British star Patrick Leonard.

With five players left the stacks went this way and that before Patrick Leonard found himself short-stacked and turning a spade flush holding jack-nine of spades with a one-ended redraw to a straight flush. Oddly, the hand went to the river before the money went in, but when it did and Leonard’s effective shove for 18.5 big blinds leaving half a blind back was ‘raise-called’ by Adams, the Canadian’s hand of queen-three of spades sent play four-handed with the following stacks:

Timothy Adams – 6.24 million (89 big blinds)

Eelis Parssinen – 3.79 million (54 big blinds)

Dominykas Mikolaitis – 2.91 million (42 big blinds)

‘CrazyLissy’ – 1.7 million (24 big blinds)

It was ‘CrazyLissy’ who busted next, but thanks to plenty of bounties, the Russian earned over $56,000 and only a little less than the player who departed after him. CrazyLissy’s bounty went to Adams, however, courtesy of an all-in for 29 big blinds with ace-jack and a call with pocket kings and 90 big blinds by Adams.

The Canadian was running roughshod over the table and that continued for the remainder of the tournament, which turned out to be less than ten minutes.

The 3rd placed player was Lithuanian Dominykas Mikolaitis, who had just 22 bib blinds when ace-seven off-suit seemed enough to move all-in. Mikolaitis was called by Parsssinen, who held king-jack of spades and a king on the flop won the hand for the Finn, despite a worrying open-ended straight draw appearing on the turn to make matters a little sweaty.

Heads-up may not have lasted long, but with Parssinen’s stack bumped up to 5.47 million (68bb) after winning that hand, it was no longer a guarantee for Adams to win, as the Canadian had 9.32 million (117bb).

With the money chopped, the bounty prize would decide who ended up with the most money as well as the win, and it proved to be a huge hand that won it. Adams had swelled his lead a little in the first four minutes of the battle, and with a raise called, saw a flop of 5-2-Q with two spades, holding pocket queens. Parssinen bet 400,00 and was called. A brick on the turn saw another bet from Parssinen, this time for 880,000, this time prompting another call from the Canadian. On the nine of hearts river, and with four million in the pot, Parssinen shipped 37 big blinds and just under 3 million all-in and was snapped off by Adams, ending the contest in an exciting manner.

PokerStars Blowout Series High Roller PKO Final Table Results:

PlacePlayerCountryPlaceBountyTotal Prize
1stTimothy AdamsCanada$70,755$96,836$167,591
2ndEelis ParssinenFinland$70,755$31,211$101,966
3rdDominykas MikolaitisLithuania$47,801$9,063$56,863
5thPatrick LeonardUnited Kingdom$28,646$1,875$30,521
6thOle SchemionAustria$22,176$1,250$23,426
7thRamiro PetroneUruguay$17,167$36,484$53,652
8thMatthias EibingerAustria$13,290$11,875$25,165

If you’d like to watch a full replay of the event’s dramatic final table, which lasts less than a movie at a neat and convenient 83 minutes, you can do so right here: