BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried talks about the future of the LATAM market

Becky Liggero and BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried discuss the future of the LATAM market

Becky Liggero and BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried discuss the future of the LATAM marketWhile markets contract around the world, battling the COVID-19 pandemic the future is bright in Latin America (LATAM) according to BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried. Fried believes that the LATAM market is the perfect springboard into the African market, with companies like BtoBet well placed to take advantage of emerging technologies in that part of the world. Fried sat down to share the possibilities he sees for the LATAM market with our very own Becky Liggero Fontana.

Fried believes that the LATAM market has the potential to be the next California during the gold rush – exciting, unpredictable but also an endless realm of possibilities for the gambling industry. “We thought that it’s still a very good moment to increase our presence in Latin American and Africa,” Fried said.

To that end, BtoBet has made big investments in growing regions. “We become the leader in Africa and Latin America and we have grown our presence massively in almost all of the different countries, we’ve acquired a lot of knowledge over the years and we’ve made an effort to share that knowledge.”

Some of that comes from innovating, and BtoBet is carefully guarding their advantage. “To grow the knowledge of the market itself, so as you may know we continue to release white papers every month. We don’t share all the information to the market because we want our operators to get a knowledge advantage from us.”

According to Fried cutting through the red tape of regulation continues to be an issue for operators in the LATAM region. “Almost everybody is trying to find a solution to be in a sort of way ready, and to acquire proper knowledge of this market before there will be regulation in place,” he said. “We expect that in 2022 there will be regulation,” Fried added.

In the full interview, Fried goes onto to give his insights on the LATAM market that can help new operators investigate the feasibility of the changing regulations in the region. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube channel to see every interview we make as it goes up.