Bitcoin Association announces online courses for Bitcoin education


Gambling operators might want to get started on Bitcoin development, but their development teams simply don’t understand the concepts enough, or need a leg up on how to code for the blockchain. The Bitcoin Association is now addressing those needs, announcing a partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences for a new Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC)

The partnership is expected to produce four MOOCs, looking at the power made possible by Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) protocol and massively scaling blockchain, as well as specifics on how to build applications for BSV. All of the MOOCs, including assessments, will be free of charge and offer certificates upon completion, with the first launching in early 2021.

The press release announcing the new curriculum notes the first course will focus on the basics of Bitcoin for decision makers. Courses offered later on will look at the technical side of Bitcoin. Those interested in the courses can already register their intent to sign up.

This addresses a clear need by most of the business world to upskill their internal development teams for Bitcoin development. While the BSV blockchain is capable of massive new opportunities, too few know how to build for it, and the Bitcoin Association has been focused on addressing those needs in 2020, also launching the Bitcoin Wiki, with informational articles and tools for developers.

As noted in the release, Saxion is a great partner for this initative, offering blockchain education and research programmes.

Regarding the announcement, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, commented:

‘The Bitcoin blockchain can be used for far more than just payments; it is also a protocol for a massive data network that can transform the world, just like the Internet did. To unleash this power, it is critical for us to educate a new generation of blockchain developers, solutions architects, and other technical professionals about the true capabilities of Bitcoin’s original protocol, now restored in Bitcoin SV. This is a key component of the work we do at Bitcoin Association. Through today’s announced partnership with Saxion University, Bitcoin Association – much like the Bitcoin SV blockchain – will be able to scale our education programme unbounded to meet the growing global demand.’

Also commenting was the first Professor of Blockchain at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Jan Veuger:

‘At the Saxion Blockchain Institute, we strive to teach interdisciplinary skills for the advancement of blockchain technology. With the massive open online courses we are developing about Bitcoin’s original protocol and Bitcoin SV, we want to ensure that everyone – whether students, professionals or otherwise – has access to best-in-class blockchain education to help develop the next wave of innovation using Satoshi Nakamoto’s design for Bitcoin.’

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