BetConstruct’s Agapi Abroyan breaks down why mobile matters to LATAM


betconstructs-agapi-abroyan-breaks-down-why-mobile-matters-to-latamThe SiGMA Americas Virtual Summit continued on day 2 by looking at how the Latin American market is evolving. As we learned from the first speaker of the day, Agapi Abroyan, Operations Manager at BetConstruct, pretty much everything depends on what happens next with mobile phones.

“Statistics state that the Latin American people like to play with mobile phones, because it is comfortable, convenient and safe,” Abroyan said. That’s not going to change anytime soon either. “It is obvious that with this new reality linked to Covid-19, the extreme necessity of mobile solutions has grown.”

LATAM mobile internet penetration might not be at the same level as other areas of the world yet, but it’s growing very fast. “As general information to consider, according to the constant studies carried out, in 2019 about 55% of Latin America had access to mobile internet. That number is growing this year, and is expected to increase to 77% by 2025.”

BetConstruct, Aboyran noted, is working on products tailor made for this growing market. For both iOS and Android platforms, the company is developing solutions for sports betting, slot casino, live casino, fantasy sports, skill games, virtual games. If someone wants to play it on mobile, BetConstruct wants to ensure it’s available there, while also of course being available on desktop platforms too.

With casinos being closed, Abroyan spoke of the need to develop social games, so those stuck at home can still feel like they’re part of something bigger. “Through our products we offer a social casino application specific to the customer requirements,” she said. “Of course, it is a very strategic solution for operators, who can provide customers the possibility to play outside the casino rooms. That is, being far from the casino rooms, but still having the possibility to play the slots. This kind of solution is very convenient for land-based casinos because it directly provides a solution to players due to the fact that land-based casinos are currently closed because of Covid-19.”

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