adds several more reasons to use Bitcoin for Gambling SV is the ideal blockchain and digital currency solution for gambling, and we have seven new ways to explain why that’s the case. has updated it’s ‘Bitcoin for Gambling’ section with new content, and for players and operators curious about Bitcoin, you might want to check it out.

Here is all the new content you can expect to find:

How can I earn Bitcoin online?

For players who’ve bet their last bits and want to earn some more, this guide gives a few helpful ways they can earn Bitcoin online, including one way they can do so with their gambling knowledge.

What can Bitcoin be used for besides gambling?

While Bitcoin is great for gambling, it has so many other uses. This resource shares a few, and opens up the possibilities for those who might be holding some BSV and not know what to do with it.

Why is Bitcoin more secure for my operation?

For operators who don’t know why they need to upgrade to Bitcoin, this is an important explainer for why the time to upgrade is now, before hackers beat you to the punch.

How can I test solutions for Bitcoin SV?

Because it has a very professional approach to development, Bitcoin SV has an entire testnet to try solutions on, and the Scaling Test Network to test at scale. Read more about it here.

How esports betting naturally fits with Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin is great for gambling, and it makes a perfect match for esports. Developers are already integrating Bitcoin into their esports platforms, and you can see how it benefits your operation too.

How does Bitcoin improve AI and Big Data?

If you’re considering applying advanced Artificial Intelligence in your operation, you pretty much have to have a blockchain to back it up, and Bitcoin is the best option available.

Bitcoin SV Developer Resources

If your development team is ready to get cracking on Bitcoin solutions but don’t know where to start, this resource provides a bunch of helpful educational links.

And of course, we already have dozens of existing Bitcoin for Gambling resources for you to browse. Check them all out to see why Bitcoin SV is the future of the gambling industry.