Our top five social media marketing tips for beginners


Some people are not too embarrassed to admit that they get their social media marketing tips from their kids. The constantly evolving digital landscape means that some companies will face the real prospect of having their social media strategy crushed by a teenage fitness influencer in their loungeroom, who dances to TikTok videos that you’ve never heard of.

our-top-five-social-media-marketing-tips-for-beginnersSocial media can potentially be a huge time drain on your office resources, with the thousands of platforms on the internet. One false keystroke can quickly become a PR nightmare for your company, so it’s important to lay down some ground rules for some effective social media strategy.

We’ll walk you through some of our top tips to help you up your social media game and compete with the millennial TikTok influencers of the world. 

Create realistic goals for your social media

Before you dip your toe in the social media pool, know that you may not cause the same number of ripples in the shallow end, as one of the Kardashian sisters tweeting over Kayne. It takes time to build an audience organically. 

Your goals need to be specific, attainable and they need to measurable. You have to know how effective your message is with your audience. You’ll invest some time in getting to know your audience like a good Tinder date. Before you swipe right instead of left, figure out what your audience cares about. 

Choose your platforms wisely

With the thousands of social media platforms on the market, you won’t have the time to craft effective content across the majority of them, unless you have the “hustle” of Gary Vaynerchuk. Remember its quality over quantity and you have to go where the fish are.

Facebook remains the largest social media network in the digital landscape with more than 1.5 billion daily active users globally. More than 70% of teenagers will have used Instagram, and 280 characters on Twitter remains one of the most effective forms of content distribution on the internet.

The trick is to focus on a couple of platforms and post consistent and quality content that resonates with your audience.

Invest time in your social media content calendar

Effective social media content tools like Hootsuite or Sprout can save you time and in the long run. Posting across multiple social media platforms is a time-consuming process. Social media content management systems like Hootsuite allow you to schedule your content when your audience is online and takes the hassle out of posting across multiple platforms. 

Keep an eye on what’s trending – don’t be afraid to use life events

Set up an RSS feed in Feedly so you can have a steady supply of topics and find out what is trending. Some of the tools of the trade include Buzz Sumo and Tweetdeck, both giving you the power to keep an eye on key hashtags.

Audiences on social media are yearning for that human connection, so you’ll be surprised at how effective everyday life events can a meaningful digital connection.

A/B Test whenever possible – take advantage of Twitter for content

You’ll need to start taking advantage of A/B testing to gauge the effectiveness of your content. A/B testing involved creating multiple headlines for the same piece of content, working out which generates a higher rate of engagement and reach.

A/B testing will provide some insight on how people will react to the copy and the call to action phrase used (CTA).

Another pro tip to take advantage of for testing content is Twitter. Twitter has some fantastic analytics tools that will help you work out the effectiveness and rate of engagement on your content.

Embrace your mistakes and express your emotions

By embracing your mistakes, you’ll have some fantastic opportunities to engage with your audience. Tell your customers and your audience about your mistakes – work on them and use emojis to express your emotions. A smiley face can go a long way in connecting with your audience.

If you make a grammar mistake or miss a comma, no one is going to lose sleep over it, so don’t delete the post. People may have liked it, and continuous changes will get noticed.

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