BtoBet and PlayRobinHood partner to help those in need through charity initiative in Brazil


Brazilian international footballer Leandro Castán amongst many Brazilian personalities aiding the initiative.

btobet-and-playrobinhood-partner-to-help-those-in-need-through-charity-initiative-in-brazilLeading iGaming platform provider BtoBet has teamed up with Brazilian operator to launch a charity initiative in Brazil intended to help those most in need during these trying times.

Bo Grujicic,’s founder, said that with the aid of BtoBet, “Quiz Contra O Corona” – Quiz Against Corona – was created, with all the jackpot’s proceeds being funneled back into the community. He specified that 75% of the amount wagered in the jackpot will immediately be donated to charity organisations whilst the remaining 25% is added to the jackpot prize. “Once this health crisis is over, and in the circumstance that the jackpot has still not been won, then the the jackpot prize in its entirety will be donated,” explained Grujicic. BtoBet will be aiding PlayRobinHood by providing the platform technology, and UI and UX development pro bono.

A number of Brazilian personalities have been involved in this inititative to help the community, amongst whom Leandro Castán da Silva, the Brazilian international footballer who currently plays for Vasco da Gama.

Asked about the idea behind this noble gesture, the founder of PlayRobinHood stated that during such difficult times the aim was not to monetize by providing players with the option to wager their money on live events that were not popular with the players, such as the Belarusian football league or minor table tennis sports events. “We took the decision to stick to our brand identity, which is based on social responsibility. At the same time we are still providing the players with the opportunity to entertain themselves through the jackpot game, having the possibility to win a big prize in return for a small entry fee, intended wholly for charitable purposes.”

Alessandro Fried, BtoBet’s Chief Executive Officer, stated that the initiative launched by Grujicic and his team is commendable. “We immediately decided to partner with the team from PlayrobinHood, taking care of the platform provision and all the assistance needed to create the “Quiz Contro O Corona”. It is truly heartening to be an integral part of an initiative where social responsibility is placed at the forefront… where helping those in need – especially those people who have had to shoulder financial burdens due to the pandemic – is the only prupose.”

In the meantime this Thursday, Alessandro Fried will be joining a panel composed of key industry figures and legislators for the Brazilian market to discuss the current and potential changes in the Brazilian gambling market. The BtoBet sponsored “Webinar Brazil” will take place on the 14th May 2020 at 15:00 BST.

Want to digitally attend the “Webinar Brazil” and gain interesting insights? Send an email on [email protected] to get the opportunity to see what the experts have to say on how the local industry will evolve in the coming months.

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