ESIC welcomes Midnite to anti-corruption programme


One of the biggest questions about sportsbetting and Esports has always been the integrity of the games available in the betting markets. On the surface, this is an understandable concern; we often can’t see the players as they battle, unlike in a game of football or tennis.

esic-welcomes-midnite-to-anti-corruption-programmeJust like corruption cases have come against footballers and tennis superstars, Esports players can be the opposite, that being players of great integrity. They shouldn’t be judged just as the industry shouldn’t be judged, either say Esports insiders.

It’s that ethical position that saw the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) become established. Just like in regular sports, having an overseeing body that regulates participation, investigates allegations and disproves or proves any impropriety is a good thing for all.

It’s therefore extremely good news that the U.K.-based esports betting company Midnite has signed up to join the ESIC as they throw their weight behind the company’s determination to fight corruption and eradicate cheating in any form in Esports.

It is, of course, in any bookmaker’s interests to prove that the markets they make available are legitimate. Sportsbettors want more transparency than ever from the companies they invest their money with. Midnite provide odds on many Esports, with their three biggest games Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Established in 2016, the ESIC is very happy to welcome another gambling company to its anti-corruption programme, as their Commissioner Ian Smith reveled in a company statement:

“In reaching our goal which is to make esports as fair as possible, bookmakers play a crucial role since their internal data analysis makes it easier to recognize the signs of a rigged match. We’re glad to welcome Midnite as our new Anti-Corruption Supporter. Having them as partners is another step towards the future where esports is free from corruption and fraud.”

Betting on Esports has increased a huge amount since the outbreak of Coronavirus, and that means more suspicious bets that need investigating. Just as we brought you odds of 11/4 for Andy Murray to win the Virtual Madrid Open a few days ago, there are hundreds of new markets landing every week and a lot of value in transferring your online betting wallet to sites that include Esports in their betting markets.

Midnite themselves are very happy to participate, with their Head of Compliance Caroline Newman explaining why the U.K. betting firm were more than happy to participate in the partnership.

“At Midnite, we value transparency, integrity and care when it comes to our product and customers,” she said. “With our core focus being on esports betting, our ethics revolve around trust and with esports as a whole. ESIC’s experience and expertise on fighting corruption and other threats to the betting and esports industries ensures they remain sustainable and reliable. Being a member of ESIC is an honour and we look forward to working with the team there to uphold the integrity of esports.”

While there are less markets available on traditional sports right now, it’s good to know that Esports as a betting prospect is one that continues to get safer and more reliable to use. Midnite joining forces with the ESIC indicates that, and we’d expect more companies to join forces with the regulatory body before too long, especially with the COVID-19 lockdown projected to extend a lot longer by most observers.