Poker video blogs: Andrew Neeme’s YouTube series that made meet-ups go viral


With 142,000 YouTube subscribers, 22,700 Twitter followers and an Instagram following of 36,900, Andrew Neeme can lay claim to conquering the world of poker social media. Like friends Johnnie Vibes and Brad Owen, Neeme commands a large audience by being extremely likeable along with being a highly successful poker player. But what is it exactly that makes Neeme’s poker video blog so addictive to watch?

poker-video-blogs-andrew-neemes-youtube-series-that-made-meet-ups-go-viralFor a start, it’s worth opening with Neeme’s phenomenal dedication to his craft. Having only started video blogging regularly less than four years ago, Neeme has put out an incredible 240 videos about the game we all love. Let’s break down those numbers; roughly speaking, that’s an amazing consistency of a poker video blog once every five days during that period.

Neeme hails from Michigan and in many of his videos, he speaks about what led to him getting into the game, failing at it, then rebuilding his powers. We all love a redemption story, it’s keyed into our human nature and Neeme’s charm often comes from how honest and friendly he is. Some poker players that are better at the felt than Neeme would be much worse to watch simply because we as an audience wouldn’t want them to win like we do the man who popularized the poker ‘meet-up game’.

The way that Neeme’s meet-up games took off was relatively simple. Neeme announced on social media that he was going to play a game in a specific location, and others who were in that area would arrange to meet up with him and take him on at the felt.

Neeme is – as might be obvious – a very good cash game player and is comfortable at $10/$20 NL, no mean feat in and of itself. Part of the reason he made it that high up in stakes so quickly is down to his impeccable bankroll management.

Having once studied for a degree in telecommunications, it’s perhaps ironic that Neeme never seems to phone it in. His videos are engaging, feature fun hands and big pots and are presented by Neeme in a friendly, welcoming way. They’re incredibly easy to watch and you’ll often just keep watching the next one because the length of each video – typically between 15 minutes and half an hour – leaves you wanting more.

Having once travelled in other jobs before ending up in Bugsy’s Club in Los Angeles, Neeme’s entertaining video blogs will appeal to both guys and dolls as he walks you through his poker journey around the world and throws in plenty of slices of what looks a fun and exciting life. He’s living it the right way, and whatever Neeme gets out of the game, you can’t help but feel happy it’s going to a good person who has more than put in the hours to be successful.

Check out Andrew Neeme’s YouTube channel right here and join his 142,000 dedicated subscribers.