Greg Behr offers the advantages of remote hosting

Offering online gambling isn’t as simple as registering a domain, getting a few games online and signing up customers. A lot of little pieces have to come together, and getting solid hosting services in a regulated market is a huge piece. Thankfully, firms like Leaseweb exist for that, and Sr. Business Development Manager Greg Behr joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to discuss how they provide a better service than merely self-hosting.

While iGaming businesses might spring up in any place around the world, well located hosting services can help them provide a high level of hosting that they might not have locally. “From our data centers, we offer security services, dedicated service, CDN, cloud solutions, colocation, so it’s a full mix of all infrastructure of solutions that enable our customers to build hybrid solutions,” Behr said. “In Amsterdam, Frankfurt, this is really great positions, spots in Europe, our connectivity is great, our services are great. So we actually want to make it better with the iGaming industry, so we claim that we can improve latency, we can reduce cost, improve security and uptime, and if we can’t, then we’ll pay at least cost for migrating to us, with offer that we will cover the same costs and you’ll have better services for sure than some of the more traditional iGaming jurisdictions. Connectivity costs are really low and we have a great offer now, so we have free colocation for a year, which can really impact the bottom line for a lot of big companies.”

Being from the Netherlands, Leaseweb is looking forward to 2021, when they’re native market is looking to expand gambling. “2021, it’s expected that the Dutch market is opening up, so finally we’re regulating. Moving forward to that, we just want to get the word across that we, as a Dutch founded company are open to iGaming.”

But thankfully, as long as operators are following the rules, working with a company like Leaseweb removes some of the regulatory headaches. “We have of course the KYC [Know Your Customer] compliancy process, and if they follow that and they’re really working on our network, we are ISO certified, and that’s basically everything we need to have in terms of offering our services to the iGaming.“