Pay N Play breaks down barriers for operators, says Sam Barrett


Making payments fast and easy is an important part of funneling players into a gambling operation. Trustly, with its easy payments directly from bank accounts, is helping operators improve their acquisition process, and Director of Gaming Sam Barrett joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to talk about their plans.

While Trustly is available for more than just gambling, a key product makes it a great partner for operators. “With Pay n Play, we’re actually bringing players through, and actually getting them to deposit at the time of registration, making it a far more user-friendly experience, but also giving the operator a far more solid acquisition tool,” Barrett said.

Talking to us at SiGMA Malta, Barrett noted that it’s a key event for a company like Trustly to network at. “The entire gaming industry comes here every year to meet all the suppliers, and all of our clients turn up here,” Barrett said. “It’s especially important for us this year because we’re actually letting everybody know that we’ve now successfully have launched 100 Pay N Play brands. Pay N Play is our key product, and we’re now live across the selection of markets. In fact, actually Pay N Play’s become the industry norm within markets like Sweden. We’re now improving our offering within Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Estonia.”

Pay N Play offers operators a lot, as it removes barriers to entry for the player. “The reason why Pay N Play is super successful is because we’re actually lowering acquisition costs for operators, whilst actually providing a really seamless UX experience for the player,” he said. “And how we’re doing that is by actually taking the player through a registration process which just involves them logging into their bank and making a deposit. The registration process is still happening in the background, but actually what they’re doing is, is they’re getting their chance to kill two birds with one stone, registering and making a deposit at the same time. So from a seamless, frictionless payment experience, it’s there, and from a lower acquisition cost for operators, it’s incredible.”

Trustly isn’t just focused on online operators though. Their new product also appeals to the brick and mortar sector. “So Trustly Live has been an evolution of our Trustly deposit and payout product,” Barrett noted. “We’ve created the first automated, cashless solution for land-based casino and sportsbook industry. How it works, really simple: the player would go into a casino, he’d pull out his mobile phone, hold his camera over a QR code, and be redirected to the Trustly page where he could then make a deposit from his bank. He’s then sent an SMS with a code that he can then give to the croupier or cash attendant, and then actually collect his or her chips.”

Giving the player the option to go cashless at the casino, and collect their winnings directly back to their bank account, has been game changing. “Rather than receiving it in cash, or taking three to five days to get it back to their credit card or debit card, we’re actually giving it back in their bank account instantly.”

The benefits go just beyond payments though, as Trustly brings with it other important factors. “We’re actually having a far more better understanding of the player from a KYC [Know Your Customer] perspective, which is giving these operators far more traceability and trackability over their players, which is improving their establishment,” Barrett pointed out. “The other really good thing about this is the responsible gambling element. Because we can limit the product in a sense of how much people can transact and in which transaction at size amounts, we can actually monitor and have a deeper relationship with that player to ensure that they are remaining responsible and giving the operators, the land-based casinos, more of a responsible outlook over their already today high cash user database.”