Woohoo Games to be featured on Nektan.com

Woohoo Games are quickly making themselves known as one of the must-watch up and comers in the games studio market. They’re emphasizing that point with a huge new get, becoming one of the highlighted games on Nektan’s aggregation service.

woohoo-games-to-be-featured-on-nektan-comIn a press release, Woohoo have announced they’re current offering of 10 games, with 3 more to come in March 2020, will be available on Nektan.com. They note that this was one of their major goals, having already achieved some prominence in Asian markets.

Woohoo Games, Head of Business Development, Ed Whittington celebrated the news. “Nektan are a hugely respected shop floor for gaming operators because they do in-depth research on the providers they recommend,” he said. “As a result we are, obviously, delighted to be one of those highlighted on their influential aggregation service.”

Nektan’s VP Commercials, Jaydeep Chakravartty, noted that Woohoo’s clean UX helped them rise above the pack to achieve this coveted spot. “The games provider market is a very competitive one and it is hard for newer operators to break through,” he noted. But we have been very impressed with Woohoo’s UX and are sure that operators, and their customers alike, will be very happy with their suite of games.”

At ICE London 2020, Woohoo was prominently courting potential partners with VIP treatment, which may have worked in the case of Nektan. “We’ve branded a number of black cabs with Woohoo and we’ve given a private cab to all our key partners so they can avoid the hideous taxi queues, take them to the parties, dinners, have a private chauffer to deliver them around wherever they want,” Whittington told us.

This announcement comes less than a month after Woohoo celebrated their success in India by adopting a clean and simple UX and UI, minimizing the need to localize across the country’s many diverse provinces.

Whittington explained their Indian strategy to us at ICE as well. We’re making content for all markets, but we saw this particular gap in the Indian market where there was virtually no RNG version of the localized games,” he said.

These minimalist but attractive games are making a big impact, now having recently won over both India and Nektan. Woohoo might be proving to established game studios that by keeping it simple, games can still be highly effective.