Knock, knock, who’s there? Woohoo. Woohoo Who? The new RNG games provider taking India by storm


Woohoo’s approach doesn’t pretend to be a ‘revolution’ or reinventing the wheel as so many press releases for gaming companies claim but what they can show is success. Success in a key market and, as a result, are now looking to replicate the same strategy used in the lucrative Indian market across the globe.Woohoo-logo

Woohoo Games, Head of Business Development, Ed Whittington explained: “The key strategy was two-fold; to keep the design of the games free from regional nuances and to ensure a simple and familiar UX for the player that is much more sophisticated than most RNG games in the global market.”

He continued: “Like many countries India is a place where regional differences are very marked. It is, therefore, seemingly better to have very clean, uncluttered looking games rather than trying to create a different look and feel for each province, which can have huge differences ethnically, linguistically and culturally.”

“However, the games themselves are the real heart of what we offer. We feel that many RNG games have a very dated and cluttered look and feel. We have taken a more modern approach and leveraged UX and UI best practices adopted by well-known global brands outside the industry that players will be familiar with. This allows for the games to be easily adopted and the focus to be on the play itself.”

Now that Woohoo has established itself in one of the biggest markets in the world, they are ready to expand globally. Representatives of Woohoo Games will be at ICE (Feb 4-6, Excel, London) should you wish to arrange an appointment or talk directly via the website.

What? A ‘Contact Us’ form that actually gets through to a real person? I know, right?