Calvin Ayre on the importance of Bitcoin SV to the gambling industry

CoinGeek London is set to begin today, and the Bitcoin industry is gearing up to prove its utility and value. founder and CoinGeek Conference organizer Calvin Ayre took a moment before the big event to speak with our Becky Liggero Fontana about what BSV offers to the gaming world, and why gaming companies should get on board before they get left behind.

If there’s one reason businesses should care about BSV, Ayre knows the one he picks. “Data,” he said. “It’s about big data the world has never seen, all stored in one place, and the BSV platform is the only platform that can manage big data.”

There’s no better choice than BSV for big data, but it’s not the only benefit the original Bitcoin offers. “BSV right now owns a global monopoly on immutable data stored on a public blockchain, and what that means is that there’s going to be complete unique new business models possible using BSV blockchain, not only for payments but also as the management rails of your business,” Ayre said. “So you may not even need your own data centers in the future. As an example, you could actually do all your gaming services and it be immutable and provably fair, all that stuff, on top of BSV. And because BSV has this global monopoly, and these unique business models we created, it’s going to put BSV in everybody’s hands.”

The emphasis, Ayre notes, is that everyone should be watching this space, and the gaming industry better not fall behind. “I just think that the gaming industry needs to be paying attention to what’s happening over here because the ones that are paying attention in the gaming industry are going to get a competitive advantage over the ones that are not.”

Ayre sees a new paradigm developing, with BSV at the center of it. “The three pillars are going to be the new cloud storage paradigm, BSV valuing data on top of the Internet, and artificial intelligence, and those are all going to work together,” he told Liggero Fontana. “And it’s going to change, fundamentally it’s going to change how everything works. And it’ll be a bigger change than when the internet was invented.”

Using Liggero Fontana’s family history, Ayre emphasized what will happen to companies that ignore the change BSV is creating. “I mean, your family knows very well what happened to Kodak, right?,” he asked. “Your father used to work there, and the nobody in the gaming industry wants to be Kodak. And so they have to pay attention, because this is going to change everything, and big data, it’s not just about payments, that’s sort of like the last part of it. Though I must say BSV is the best payment method currently that the world has ever seen for payment for gaming, or anything. So just from that perspective, it’s the best choice, but the reason why it’s an unavoidable choice is the big data side of it.”

With the CoinGeek London conference set to start today, February 20, Liggero Fontana asked what gaming executives should do if they can’t make it to the events. “Oh, live streaming,” he responded. “Yeah we’ve got live streaming at the conference. I think you go to the CoinGeek Conference website, or go to and click through the conference, I think you’ll be able to find all the information there.”

With his deep knowledge and experience in the gaming industry though, Ayre couldn’t resist offering a tip of what he would do in their shoes. “I think what I would do if I was still running gaming companies, would be to have either designate somebody in the IT department or hire somebody and make them their Bitcoin Big Data specialist and start studying this seriously. Those that don’t are going to get left behind.”

There’s also more conferences coming, plenty of daily news about BSV, and an enterprise minded association that Ayre wants to highilight. “The conference series, so the next one is good to be in New York City, September, October’ish,” he said. “News about that will be on the conference site. You can actually join a newsletter and get regular updates about that, or the Twitter feed for CoinGeek. I think that there’s going to be devcons that you can attend, the Bitcoin Association that Jimmy [Nguyen] runs is producing a number of devcons in the United States and other places. So there’s just lots of stuff. I recommend gaming companies join the Bitcoin Association that Jimmy runs, its”

That’s all great advice for the future, and gaming companies should take notice. But in the meantime, don’t miss out on the CoinGeek London livestream. We’ve got the feed below.