Celebrity sports gambler pleads guilty to fraud charges


Robert Gorodetsky appeared in a Chicago federal courtroom on February 5, where he pleaded guilty to fraud charges. This after it was discovered that the celebrity sports gambler had defrauded someone out of $9.6 million, according to court records.celebrity-sports-gambler-pleads-guilty-to-fraud-charges

Gorodetsky was a flashy member of the gambling community, especially in Las Vegas. He was well known as a high-roller, who was even profiled in USA Today. However, just a month after the article was published, the world came crashing down on Gorodetsky.

The gambler once touted himself as the next big thing in sports gambling. With expensive jewelry, luxury cars, and a stenciled hat with the word “GAMBLR,” he had developed quite a reputation. However, prosecutors claimed that while he was making a name for himself, he was also involved in a massive fraud scheme against a single individual who invested millions of dollars in Gorodetsky, believing that the funds he was providing were being invested and earning a large return.

Instead, the high-stakes gambler was using the money to fund his own Las Vegas operation. He was often placing reckless bets on sporting events and using the other money to live an incredibly lavish lifestyle. Both of which we celebrated through his social media accounts.

Everything was going well for Gorodetsky, who found himself the focus of a lengthy USA Today profile in December 2017. The article labeled him as “one of the most compelling and controversial” figures in sports, betting more than $1 million in one week as an example. He claimed that he was winning on 65% of his wagers, a figure that instantly drew the attention of gambling experts.

In February 2014, he had received $953,000 from Victim A, according to prosecutors. Months later he told his alleged victim that he had increased the investment to $2 million and would provide “greater returns” if he was allowed to use the money on sports betting.

Over the next three years, Gorodetsky returned to Victim A asking for more money. He continually made false statements about returns, instead of using the money to augment his own lavish lifestyle.

In 2018, everything came to an end. Victim A notified law enforcement officials about the fraud committed by Gorodetsky. He soon found himself the subject of a criminal investigation and was eventually charged with wire fraud and filing false income tax returns. Both of these charges he pled guilty to.

Gorodetsky will appear in federal court on April 29 for sentencing. No statement was provided by prosecutors on if the plea agreement included a sentence recommendation.