Australia’s Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has a new leader


The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (VRGF) has a new chief, which means the gambling industry in Victoria needs to be ready for changes. The organization is led by a board who responds to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation and works to prevent gambling addiction in Victoria. Following the departure of Julie Ligeti as the chair of the VRGF, Tass Mousaferiadis is going to be installed as the new leader, and other changes are being made inside the top echelon that will most certainly build upon the country’s plans to control gambling on more levels than ever.

australias-victorian-responsible-gambling-foundation-has-a-new-leaderMousaferiadis has served on the board since February 2017 and has a background in entities that focus on health and education. He is the chair of Eastern Health Services and of Star Health, and is also a board director for Foodbank Victoria, according to a press release on his appointment. Additionally, he has been in leadership roles with a number of organizations, including Beyond Blue and VicHealth.

Marlene Kairouz, Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation, says of the appointment, “Mr Mousaferiadis is passionate about the development and delivery of high-quality health policy, programs and services that are informed by the experiences of those affected and I have every confidence in his ability to lead the Foundation.”

Joining Mousaferiadis is coming in at the same time that another board member is moving up, as well. Monique Conheady has served on the board since 2013 and will now carry the title of Deputy Chair. She is a co-founder and former CEO of Flexicar, and has served on the governing board of Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority. Her increase in responsibilities comes as Belinda Duarte, with ties to the Wotjobaluk and Dja Dja Wurrung aboriginal people, resigns.

Kairouz adds, “I congratulate Mr Mousaferiadis and Ms Conheady on their appointments and look forward to their continued expertise and guidance within the Foundation.”

The appointments of both Mousaferiadis and Conheady are expected to be official as of tomorrow. They’ll be responsible for leading the VRGF’s charter and answering to Kairouz. According to the VRGF website, the organization’s board is “responsible for providing strategic direction to the Foundation and ensuring we achieve our objectives and carry out our functions. The board comprises at least four (but no more than eight) appointed members and three members of parliament, representing different political parties.”

With the greater attention and focus placed on gambling in Australia, as well as virtually the rest of the world, fresh blood coming into lead the organization can only mean seeing significant changes coming, especially with involvement from political parties. While neither of the appointees has issued a statement suggesting what plans they have in store, it’s a safe bet that they have some ideas floating around in the back of their minds.