First two fan votes open for Global Poker Awards 2020


With more interest than ever before, the first two Global Poker Award ‘fan votes’ have been opened up to the public, with the 2019 Poker Personality of the Year and the Hand of the Year categories up for grabs.

Here’s how the Global Poker Index hierarchy made the announcement, as they took to Twitter to spread the word.

This year’s Global Poker Awards ceremony is huge, with added categories meaning that the expanded new edition of the glitzy night where poker gives back to those at the top table is bigger than ever before.

There are two votes that are open for the public vote, and the first of those is the Poker Personality of the Year, a people’s choice award with a difference.

first-two-fan-votes-open-for-global-poker-awards-2020This year, anyone can be nominated, simply by you registering your interest in casting your vote online and writing about your nomination to the Global Poker Index via your form. It can be anyone, from your preferred poker player, the on-screen presenter who makes you spit-take your cup of tea or even your favourite faithful poker reporter who might bring you award ceremony news, thrilling interviews and tournament reports from the felt. Literally anyone in poker can get your vote.

The second vote that is open for your own interpretation is the Hand of the Year. This year, it could hardly be more hotly contested, with some spectacular poker skills vying for the title.

From Ryan Riess’ unbelievable call with just ten-high in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event, Sam Greenwood’s distastrous result with pocket aces in the WSOP Main Event that looked to have broken everyone’s heart except Timothy Yu and Stephen’s Chidwick Triton hero-call, it’s all on the line.

Do you rate Kristen Bicknell’s elimination of Phil Ivey as the best moment of the year? Maybe you prefer the WPT Super High Roller classic that saw Eric Afriat’s fold create huge drama. Or could it be that the three quarters of a million that were on the line in one pot during Rob’s Home Game on partypoker and were won by Sam Trickett inspired you to take up the game?

You can vote on your favourite hand of 2019 right here.

The Global Poker Awards are building to a climax, with the awards ceremony taking place on 6th March 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whoever wins, you can guarantee that there will be some surprising late decisions, a late deal for a player who triumphs against the odds and at least one victory that makes everyone get to their feet and applaud.

Either way, some very special personalities are about to be rewarded. It’s up to you exactly who they are.