Danish regulator issues new responsible gambling guide


Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gaming Authority, has issued its new guide on responsible gambling, aimed at organizations that hold gaming licenses within the country. This move was expected to strengthen the country’s commitment to educating those within the industry on the best practices to employ.

danish-regulator-issues-new-responsible-gambling-guideThe new guide will act as a supplement to the already existing Danish Gambling Act as well as to associated executive orders. It will include the guidelines and interpretations for how the license holders will be able to comply with the responsible gambling regulations. This includes performing risk assessments and how rules can be implemented.

This new instructional guide was created using many of the existing executive orders that have been implemented prior to January 1 of this year. It includes all regulations and relevant amendments that have been made to existing practices.

According to the guide, this information must be made available to players. Not only must they do so on the license holder’s website, but also must be available at the landed based site of the holder.

In addition, the guideline goes over several relevant regulations that must be adhered to. This includes ensuring that persons under 18 are not allowed to participate in such games, informing patrons about responsible gambling and the effects of gambling addiction, as well as providing information for treatment centers within the country for those suffering from gambling addictions.

As part of these final two provisions, new mechanisms have also been included. The guideline specifies that there must be an automated process for self-exclusion for players who are opting out of being able to use gambling sites or on-site gambling operations. The use of the automated process ensures that customers will not have to visit a customer service department to be able to exempt themselves from using these facilities.

To help players recognize potential problems, the new guide requires that a clock be visible to all players on the website. This allows them to view how long they have been using the website at one sitting, and they are also capable of setting deposit limits.

The Spillemyndigheden added in a statement that no new requirements have been added, explaining that the “… update partly covers general changes across gambling sectors and certification areas, and partly specific amendments to requirements in the inspection standards for online casinos, online betting, and lotteries. The specific changes are about responsible gambling. Due to the general amendments, new versions of every document in the certification programme are available.”