Btobet launches Neuron 3 worldwide campaign ahead of Ice London

Btobet launches Neuron 3 worldwide campaign ahead of Ice London

Btobet launches Neuron 3 worldwide campaign ahead of Ice LondonCMO Sabrina Soldà hints at exciting channel evolution

BtoBet has launched a new worldwide campaign ahead of the official launch of its Neuron 3 platform at ICE London. The Neuron 3 platform is the company’s 3rd generation iGaming single-solution platform, providing operators with all the business management tools, APIs, widgets, and content readily integrated enabling operators to focus on optimising the UX aspect of their business. The platform will feature a unified betting experience across a wider, and digitally evolved channel selection, giving operators the total freedom they necessitate to morph and adapt their betting experience according to their player needs.

The new campaign kicked off with a new disruptive concept, envisioning the flourishing of the platform’s core technology and its metamorphosis throughout the various stages of the player journey, effectively resulting in a differentiated, focused, and truly customizable betting experience.

The metamorphosis of the betting ecosystem aptly envisions how operators are able to strike the perfect balance by making full use of the tools readily integrated in the platform’s core technology in order to optimise the experience that will accompany their players throughout their betting journey, no matter the time, channel or gadgets involved.

BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer Sabrina Soldà stated that the launch of the Neuron 3 campaign marks an interesting year ahead for BtoBet, with the company set to cement its position as an advanced technological partners for all bookmakers who seek total freedom to build their UX according to the data mined from their target players. “Most markets are evolving in such a way where differentiation amongst the competition is not only more and more sought for by the operators themselves in order to compensate for an increasingly saturated industry, but also at the same time more difficult to achieve due to technological constraints where in most occasions the end result of the whole UX is directly dependent and reflects the way in which the platform providers envisions the whole player journey. Neuron 3 is a definitive and significant step forward from this regard, with operators truly able to express and develop the player experience according to their target customers.”

Soldà also hinted that the coming weeks are set to be truly exciting with the company set to launch and unveil an evolved channel scenario that differs to the industry norm.

Neuron 3 will be unveiled during ICE London. Schedule a meeting with our team of experts for a demo at BtoBet’s Stand S1-320.

Watch the Neuron 3 campaign video.

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