G2E Asia @ the Philippines Day 2 | IT and tech solutions increasing, gaming industry shifting to digital


As the industry is about to enter a new decade, more gaming companies catering to recent technologies have emerged while the biggest casinos tap into new solutions, driven by latest tech innovations.

These were the central focuses of the second and the final day of the inaugural G2E Asia @ the Philippines conference. The event continued at the Marriot Hotel Wednesday in Manila with these digital and IT solutions discussions, while the expo floor remained abreast with lively showcase of products and attractions.

“We’re trying to break the boundary of how we could bring additional entertainment value for players not only for traditional gaming,” shared Albert Yu of blockchain gaming company Alphaslot with CalvinAyre.com. He added that with the use of new tech like blockchain, they are able to help bridge land-based gaming environment with online players and vice-versa.

Tech’s immutable nature like blockchain helps operators stay compliant with the demands of regulations and the market. This includes fostering responsible gaming while keeping in mind customer satisfaction.

Melco’s Avery Palos believes that by using tech to automate processes, it helps simplify the jobs of operators in providing a satisfactory customer experience. This also helps them to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and demands thru records that can be monitored and can’t be modified because of its immutability.

The dynamics of Customer Experience, both offline and online, are more evident than ever, paving the way for innovators to create products that appeal across markets. Brick-to-click products and solutions for offline and online players are “a bit of a magic sauce” according to Synergy Blue CEO George Washington. As a gaming platform and solutions provider, Washington has seen market transitioning and evolving over time, creating even newer market segments. He explained that their company has been producing and creating products that both cater to those who are not only keen on spending time and feeling the physical casino energy, but also those who may be coming from a bar or a leisure activity but can be compelled by visually appealing games on the casino floors to stop and play.

Cloud technology also gave birth to cloud-based gaming platforms such as Game Source. With this tech, operators and players alike get to have more selections of games. Data availability to understanding players segment is more accessible and now more transparent. This not only benefits the operators but also helps regulators understand the shifting dynamics of the industry so they can perform their jobs better.

Innovations in payments solutions have also increased in the gaming scene. These offerings promises to simplify processes and faster solutions. Benjamin Floyd of Floyd Advisory Group, a U.S.-based consulting firm gave sound advice to operators on maximizing these new trends. “It’s really critical that you know how these payments work, the more that you limit anonymity, the more you can eliminate the risk.”

Axes CEO Earle Hall wrapped up the conference track discussing how blockchain will take A.I. to the next level. He reminded everyone, though, that every technology is a ten year cycle. A.I. being only at the infant stage in the industry will still have to crash before it reaches its stability. His tips: Start with education, assess what your operations need, and ask how A.I. can help you deliver it.