Online gaming and sports betting market to discuss sector regulation in São Paulo


The event focused on the Industry will be held next week at the Allianz Parque stadium to assess the impact of regulation and business opportunities in Brazil

online-gaming-and-sports-betting-market-to-discuss-sector-regulation-in-sao-pauloNext week the city of São Paulo will host two events focused on online games and sports betting: The Online Gaming Summit Brazil (OGS Brazil) and the São Paulo Affiliate Conference (SPAC), from December 9-11, at the Allianz Parque Arena. The idea is to create a space for national and international players and more than 300 professionals and authorities in the sector to meet face to face to discuss market expectations about new gaming and sports betting regulations in Brazil.

Sports betting was authorized in Brazil in 2018, by Law 13.756 / 2018, but before beginning to enforce the regulations the Federal Government still needs to make and publish the final determination of the rules for betting. The deadline for the regulation to begin is two years, renewable for two more.

OGS Brazil’s exclusive content has scheduled operators, regulatory experts and authorities to address the following issues: What can be expected in the Brazilian Gaming Market Regulatory Scenario; Business Models and Feasibility Studies; Best International Practices; New technologies for Operation, Integrity and Sustainability; Discussion: Are current operators visionary entrepreneurs or minor misdemeanor offenders? How should the regulated market cope with this?; and Affiliate Marketing Programs for Game Operators.

“We expect that both events will continue to contribute to the outlook for potential revenue generation, jobs and promotion of tourism that can be achieved through the legalization of games (bingo, casinos, online games and lotteries). Our intention is to discuss the guidelines for formatting assertive legislation for the exploration of this activity and the participation of members of the private sector ”, says Sergio Jardim, Director General of Clarion Events Brasil, organizer of the event.

Opportunities to Affiliate – Regulation is also of great interest to those who want to participate as affiliates. That is why the São Paulo Affiliate Conference (SPAC), together with OGS Brazil, has created the first affiliate marketing event focused on gaming and sports betting in Brazil.

On December 11, several discussions will be presented to show how the affiliate marketing market can be developed within the sports betting sector. The content is divided into three macro-issues: How to Become an Affiliate Step by Step: Untapped Opportunities in the Brazilian Gaming Market; Gaming for Affiliates and Affiliates for Gaming; Legal Aspects and Compliance: What May and May Not Be Done?.

How to participate: Tickets for both events are available online at:

Online Gaming Summit Brazil and Sao Paulo Affiliate Conference (SPAC)

Date: December 9-11

Location: Allianz Parque – Rua Palestra Italia 200, Agua Branca, Sao Paulo.

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