Marinos Shiapanis discusses the uniqueness of Campeon Gaming


The online betting and gambling market is becoming increasingly crowded, and trying to set yourself apart from the crowd is not easy. This is the challenge that CEO and co-founder of Campeon Gaming, Marinos Shiapanis, discussed with’s Becky Liggero Fontana in a recent interview.

Shiapanis discussed the challenges in trying to attract customers to the site, explaining, “You have to adopt your offerings, the way you talk, the way you reply, remarket, the way you return. You have to adopt for every market differently. This is difficult to be honest.”

The CEO acknowledged that there is often very little difference between companies in this market. However, he pointed out that Campeon Gaming, which has been operating since 2018, has found some ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

“At the end of the day that we’re working across different jurisdictions, we have Maltese License, we have UK GC. We’re now going live in Sweden. We have different products of a pay and play product. We have single casino products and we’re working across platforms so not all the products are not on the same platform.”

He added that there are other differences, especially when it comes to bonuses and promotions. “We have diversity in our offering, plus we are very creative and bonuses, in new offers, in competitions.”

Where Campeon is succeeding appears to be in two primary areas. First, they are creating their platform with the user in mind. “We are constantly trying to offer different things for each brand, make it more personalized, try to understand the audience and base what we create on the audience, which is important. Cannot be general. You have to understand who your client is, and also we’re trying to offer a very personalized customer support,” Shiapanis explained.

He also pointed out that Campeon has taken their time to build a solid customer base. Instead of focusing large sums of money on marketing, they have used their resources to promote tournaments where the prizes have helped to draw people in.

“You have to give them content that will make them stay with you, like tournaments, like quests, you play the first hundred, then the second hundred wins something. Give them prices. We recently had one of our sites offer a big prize tournament with iPhones, Netflix, iPads, a lot of things that the new generation likes and it was very successful.”