PokerStars push for PA players as PACOOP launches November 30th

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With Pennsylvania welcomed back into the world of online poker this month, the race is on to make sure that players from the state of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell sign up. Hoping they’ll make players ring the 30th November on their calendars are PokerStars.


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With the WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) and SCOOP (Spring variant of the same) both very popular poker festivals, PokerStars hope that the PACOOP (Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker) will strike the same chord with local players that the brand do on an international scale with the former two championships.

Setting aside the obvious flaw that the correct acronym would be PCOOP, it’s a bold attempt to capture the first flush of interest from Pennsylvania by ‘Stars and comes with a million-dollar guarantee across 50 events.

With New Jersey the first state to come back online, the incentive is clear, take Pennsylvania and then the path across the country to tie up each returning state will be easier.

It’s like PokerStars is playing a game of the popular board game Risk and playing it well.

The action all kicks off at the end of this month, starting on November 30th with the PACOOP Warm-Up, a no limit hold’em event costing $100 and having a $20,000 guarantee. That sort of investment and prize-pool is continued throughout the schedule, with the jewel in the crown the $300-entry Main Event, which comes with a $100,000 guarantee and takes place on December 16th.

What a Christmas present winning that will be for a lucky Pennsylvanian.

Most of the events are NLHE, but there are mixed games on the list, too. Pot Limit Omaha is well represented, as well as turbo, hyper-turbo and PKO, seemingly everyone recreational player’s favourite events these days.

With PokerStars currently the only poker brand in operation in the state, the PACOOP represents a chance to lock up the locals, keeping them on ‘Stars for the future of the game online, with encouraging signs coming from at least one presidential hopeful who’ll push for election in 2020.

PokerStars clearly have a vision towards the future of the game and their place at the heart of it, something that they were accused of lacking in some quarters with last week’s revelations of yet more Team Pro departures.

There are bonuses, daily freerolls and even promotional events in place towards participation in the PACOOP Main Event for players who deposit $50 or more, with all the details online at Indeed, players who bust out from some events outside the money will get the chance to ‘win their way back in’ in satellite freerolls, each one of the 16 on offer giving away $1,250 in ticket form.

2019 Poker Masters Leaderboard after 9 events:

EventEvent NameTimeDateEntryGte
1PACOOP Warm-Up No Limit Hold’em6:00 PM30th Nov$100$20,000
2Turbo PACOOP Warm-Up (NLHE)8:00 PM30th Nov$200$15,000
3Deepstack 8-Max (NLHE)1:00 PM1st Dec$100$15,000
4Big Antes (NLHE)2:00 PM1st Dec$100$15,000
5Progressive Knockout (NLHE)3:30 PM1st Dec$150$25,000
6Sunday Special (NLHE)5:00 PM1st Dec$200$50,000
7Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max7:00 PM1st Dec$100$10,000
8Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE)10:00 PM1st Dec$50$10,000
9Battle Royale Progressive Knockout (NLHE)7:00 PM2nd Dec$50$10,000
10Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8-Max8:00 PM2nd Dec$75$10,000
11Super Tuesday (NLHE)7:00 PM3rd Dec$250$40,000
12Mini Super Tuesday (NLHE)7:30 PM3rd Dec$30$10,000
13Escalating Antes (NLHE)8:00 PM3rd Dec$150$20,000
14DeepStack (NLHE)7:00 PM4th Dec$100$20,000
15High-Roller 6-Max (NLHE)8:00 PM4th Dec$750$40,000
16Regular NLHE9:00 PM4th Dec$150$12,000
17Thursday Thrill (NLHE)7:00 PM5th Dec$200$25,000
18Rebuy (NLHE)8:00 PM5th Dec$50$15,000
19Big Stack Turbo (NLHE)9:30 PM5th Dec$100$12,000
20Eight-Game 6-Max7:30 PM6th Dec$300$15,000
21Turbo 6-Max9:30 PM6th Dec$150$12,000
22Deepstack 8-Max5:00 PM7th Dec$100$12,000
23Saturday Speedway (NLHE)8:00 PM7th Dec$150$12,000
24Marathon (NLHE)1:00 PM8th Dec$100$10,000
258-Max (PLO)2:00 PM8th Dec$100$10,000
26Big Ante 6-Max3:30 PM8th Dec$150$20,000
27Sunday Special (NLHE)5:00 PM8th Dec$300$55,000
28Progressive Knockout (NLHE)7:00 PM8th Dec$200$30,000
29Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE)9:00 PM8th Dec$100$10,000
304-Max (NLHE)7:00 PM9th Dec$300$30,000
31High-Roller 6-Max (NLHE)8:00 PM9th Dec$500$20,000
32$200 NL Hold’em [Super Tuesday SE]7:00 PM10th Dec$200$40,000
33$100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max]8:00 PM10th Dec$100$8,000
34$30+R NL Holdem [6-Max]7:00 PM11th Dec$30$10,000
35$200 NL Hold’em8:00 PM11th Dec$200$20,000
36$100 Stud Hi/Lo9:00 PM11th Dec$100$8,000
37Thursday Thrill (NLHE)7:00 PM12th Dec$250$30,000
38Turbo (NLHE)9:00 PM12th Dec$150$15,000
39Fixed Limit Hold’em 6-Max7:00 PM13th Dec$200$10,000
40Hyper-Turb Deep (NLHE)9:00 PM13th Dec$200$10,000
416-Max (NLHE)6:00 PM14th Dec$300$30,000
42Zoom (NLHE)9:00 PM14th Dec$75$12,000
43Big Antes (NLHE)2:00 PM15th Dec$100$12,000
44Main Event (NLHE)5:00 PM15th Dec$300$100,000
45$50 Main Event Structure Event (NLHE)6:00 PM15th Dec$50$20,000
46Progressive Knockout (NLHE)8:00 PM15th Dec$100$15,000
476-Max (PLO)9:00 PM15th Dec$100$10,000
48Hyper-Turbo Sunday SuperSonic (NLHE)10:00 PM15th Dec$75$10,000
49PACOOP Wrap-Up (NLHE)7:00 PM16th Dec$100$20,000
50Hyper-Turbo Deep 6-Max (NLHE)9:00 PM16th Dec$150$10,000


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