Hyperion’s Stav Zilbershtein discusses gambling development solutions

To be successful, gambling developers have to understand the psychology of reaching for the big time if they are going to be able to do so. Many are stuck as antiquated ideas of how to develop and get their games to market.

This is what Hyperion Tech is focused on, providing solutions for developers. CEO Stav Zilbershtein recently sat down with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero to discuss the benefits of using the company and the psychology of why developers should be willing to do so.

Zilbershtein explained that the first problem that many developers face is that they are not offering anything unique from other vendors or sites. “Very simply put. If you have a brand and it’s all the same games, all the same look, all the same features, all the same incentives, all the same bonuses, so what differentiates you from anyone else who could just grab a license.”

He explained that they do things that differentiate themselves from other companies. However, he understands that can be a very big issue for many, simply because of one fatal flaw. They opt to do this all on their own.

Trying to find top-notch programmers and developers can be a real challenge and so developing your own team to do all the work simply is not feasible any longer. “The turnover rate for a good developer in London is insane. They can move workplaces quite often just for a slight change in money, which makes it one big problem. This is the same problem and Malta. In Sweden, you simply don’t have enough good developers and all the salaries and all the overheads. Everything stacks up to quite high costs.”

The solution, he explains, is to hire a company like Hyperion, where a business can get top developers for any project and is not limited to what their staff is able to accomplish. “In Ukraine, where our development center is, you can actually get very good, same level talents, but insignificantly more cost-effective approach, so it’s a win-win.”

Companies fail to see the winning combination of making this choice, however. He points out that most company executives will believe that all companies are facing the same issue, so they are all in the same boat. This is where Hyperion looks to make the difference; by offering solutions that can achieve a company’s goals.

“We can them and they can start focusing, working on their new project, instead of trying to focus and being stubborn on this old in-house concept where everyone’s going to stay in-house. You cannot have a small team and be able to deal with all of this demand. So, it’s time to move forward.”

This is what the company has provided for almost three years. Real solutions to help company’s grow and put out the kinds of games that attract users.