SEM Global’s Philip Canavan on expanding in America

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SEM Global has become one of the leading international agencies assisting both the betting and blockchain industries by helping to develop sponsorships and strategic partnerships. The consulting firm has helped companies within these industries to develop clear objectives, evaluate competitors, and select other ventures they may want to acquire, just to name a few.

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Philip Canavan is one of the two managing partners at SEM Global. He recently sat down with our Becky Liggero to discuss how the company will be assisting European sportsbooks to gain traction in the developing sports betting industry in the U.S.

Canavan explained that SEM Global is looking to do more than just promote sports betting in the country. They are looking to help develop strategic partnerships with teams and leagues that will accomplish three primary goals:

· Improving brand visibility to its highest degree.

· Engaging fans to create a stronger partnership with teams and the league as a whole.

· Ensuring that all assets are available and are being used to their fullest extent to enable the partnership to have greater success.

This has been the three-strand system that SEM Global has been using to help promote some of the most recognizable sports on earth, including the FIFA World Cup, Ryder Cup, UEFA Champions League, Formula One auto racing, and the Olympics.

They are strategies that have been successfully used in countries across Europe and Asia, which Canavan believes will have the same kind of success in the U.S. This is good, he explained, because the industry is growing a lot faster than many may have anticipated.

“I think it’s happening a lot faster than people thought it would, which is great. There’s going to be some difficulties around partnerships with the teams because there’s a lot of gray areas in my assessment. So we’re going to have to learn as we go a little bit, but hopefully, some of the tried and tested methods we’ve used in Europe and the U.K. and Asia will still be applicable in the U.S. market.”

What has set SEM Global apart from many of their competitors has been that they have wanted to ensure they are giving their clients the maximum amount of attention to promote success. “We try to work closely with a small number of brands, understand exactly what it is they’re trying to achieve, which markets to prioritize, and find what it is that they’re really looking for to make sure that we are really serving them as an actual resource for their business.”

SEM Global is already working to build partnerships with professional teams and sportsbooks now that sports gambling has become legal in the U.S.


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