David Sachs explains how artificial intelligence is helping players

It has been an exciting year at Tomobox. In December, the company was named as the winner of the SIGMA 18 Startup Pitch Competition as they became the first company in the gaming industry to use an artificial intelligence-driven player churn alert system. Since then, Tomobox has continued to come up with new and innovative ideas to help improve the gaming industry, as company executive David Sachs explained when he sat down with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero.

According to their website, Tomobox has helped companies to engage customers by providing solutions that help to handle the data and analytics of their site, as well as providing bots that are able to interpret this information. Sachs explained that it is the combination of these three that has helped Tomobox to be able to understand users better:

“We gather multiple areas of data, it could be cognitive data, what people say and chat. It could be numeric from the game itself, the size of the bet, velocity. We combine all of these models and by sifting through tons of data we can come to you with those insights, and say ‘Hey, operator, you’ve got a problem here. Let’s have a look at it.’”

For companies, they often have no idea why it is that a player will stop using their site. This is where Sachs explained that they are looking to make the biggest difference in the industry. “What we developed was a system that helps you understand players. For example, is this player going to leave my platform? Why is he unhappy? Maybe this is a kid who should not be playing right now because it’s not in compliance.”

This is often data that is difficult to interpret, but he explained that their artificial intelligence system is set to take “out of millions of data points, how do you find the most important insight that is now applicable to the business.”

This is exciting news in the gaming industry, but there are those out there who are concerned about the impact this will have on jobs. Sachs explained there is nothing to worry about. “You’re not going to have artificial intelligence without human intelligence, because it needs to be created.”

What Tomobox is ultimately looking to do is to help companies to attract clients, and to keep them once they join a platform. Their innovative solutions are having a great deal of success as they assist companies by being able to “analyze, predict, and now we are in the state where we want to prescribe.”