Tiago Aprigio discusses All-In Global’s recent rebranding

Tiago Aprigio discusses All-In Global’s recent rebranding

Companies grow and morph over time and that can often mean that they expand enough to offer new products and services. When situations like this arise, it is common for executives to realize that the name may no longer fit the organization. That is what happened at All-In Translations, as they have recently rebranded themselves to become All-In Global.

In an interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Tiago Aprigio explained that this became a necessary move as “All-In Translations was a really good brand for translations, but we provide more than just translations.”

All-In Translations established themselves as one of the leading global operations in providing translations and localization, ensuring that the individuals who were hired were not only capable of translating but capturing the essence of the dialogue or text. Aprigio explained:

“When it comes to localization it takes into account the cultural background of the players in this case so they can understand the matches. It’s not just about translating from word on word, but is also about conveying meaning, so this is all we do. All of our translators are native in that language.”

However, the company has gone far beyond translations. They have now developed partnerships with both sports and esports leagues to help in the promotion of those leagues. They have become involved in iGaming and crypto exchanges and services as well.

Because of their early model, they have been able to easily maneuver into these industries, providing first-rate translations and localizations.

Aprigio explained that “They (their translators), most of the time, live in that country or they are living there close on a day-to-day basis. They know the players and it makes things simpler for us.”

It was this expansion into other areas that necessitated the rebranding of the company. No longer is the company dedicated solely to translating, and this has been represented by adding a new office in Portugal recently.

Aprigio explained that there are new ventures on the horizon, as the company is about to launch a humorous video to demonstrate their upcoming endeavors. “Coming up we have a few things. I cannot reveal much, we do have a few videos being launched right now. We just launched our new video which is a spoof of American Psycho and the business card scene.”

With translation services in over 70 languages, they have ventured into several projects to assist companies in providing content and videos for their services. The rebranding of this company clearly is a move that demonstrates their continued potential.